PREMEDITATED MERGER Inside the hush-hush North American Union confab


 U.S.State Department

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Purple sarcasm by Angie (that be me)                             

WASHINGTON — A largely unreported meeting held at the State Department discussed integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada in concert with a move toward a transatlantic union, linking a North American community with the European Union.

Yup, gotta keep things as quite as possible, we sheep must not know things, we might bah..bah…bah…

The meeting was held Monday under the auspices of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy, or ACIEP. WND obtained press credentials and attended as an observer. The meeting was held under “Chatham House” rules that prohibit reporters from attributing specific comments to individual participants. 

Well, of coure, can’t actually let us sheep know who said what!

The State Department website noted the meeting was opened by Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Business Affairs Daniel S. Sullivan and ACIEP Chairman Michael Gadbaw, vice president and senior counsel for General Electric’s International Law & Policy group since December 1990.

WND observed about 25 ACIEP members, including U.S. corporations involved in international trade, prominent U.S. business trade groups, law firms involved with international business law, international investment firms and other international trade consultants.

No members of Congress attended the meeting.

Did we expect them too? My goodness they have so much more important things to do than see about our countrys welfare! This is the lamest Congress I have seen in my lifetime! 

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E.U. Upset with China

Well, it seems that the powerful E.U. is now more than a little upset with China over the surging value of the Euro. Can you not see how they feel? After all, it makes for unfair trade. So they are going on record now as the U.S. has been doing for awhile now..about time someone joined us..oh well, here is the rest of the story:

By William Schomberg

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Top European Union officials will talk tough in Beijing next week about China’s snowballing trade surplus and its reluctance to open its booming economy further to European business.

The EU has long taken a softer approach to China than the United States. Washington has sued Beijing more often at the World Trade Organization and protested more loudly about China’s currency, which is widely seen as undervalued to help exporters.

But EU officials, alarmed at the surge in the value of the euro, now cite the yuan as their main currency concern and say that while China’s trade surplus with the 27-nation bloc is billowing, EU exporters face barriers to the Chinese market.
In an unprecedented move, EU monetary officials, including the head of the European Central Bank, will urge China on Tuesday in Beijing to speed up strengthening the yuan’s value, echoing French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s call on Saturday.

On Wednesday, at an EU-China summit, European trade chief Peter Mandelson will warn Beijing it must make a “major change” on investment restrictions, red-tape barriers for EU companies, and counterfeiting, or risk tougher action by Brussels.

“We do not intend to turn away from dialogue and cooperation. What we will do is treat China as a normal trading partner in the future, especially by enforcing rules where necessary,” Mandelson said in a statement on Friday.

From almost no trade 20 years ago, the EU recently overtook the United States as the biggest export market for China.

China joined the WTO in 2001 and was given time to adapt to its rules. But with its EU trade surplus heading for 170 billion euros ($252 billion) this year, according to EU estimates, a near 30 percent rise on 2006, European patience is wearing thin.


As well as more access for its companies, the EU wants China to chop myriad incentives to export-based investment and do more to encourage local spending and stimulate demand for imports.

In a sign of the changing mood in Brussels, discussions about when to award China the EU’s Market Economy Status — coveted by China because it would reduce the risk of its exporters being hit by anti-dumping duties — have gone quiet.

By contrast, Mandelson has suggested he could soon press ahead with an anti-dumping investigation into imports of Chinese steel after complaints by European industry, an apparent shift from his previously more hands-off approach to Chinese imports.

Litigation at the WTO is also under consideration.

“China cannot afford to fight a two-front trade war with both the United States and EU at the same time, said Cheng Xiaohe at the People’s University of China in Beijing.

EU trade officials stress change will be gradual. But some note that when China wants action, it can happen quickly, citing what they say is an apparent scarcity of counterfeited goods relating to the Chinese Olympics on the streets of China.

“Perhaps if you want to reinforce (anti-piracy), you can,” said David O’Sullivan, the EU’s top civil servant for trade.

For its part, China plans to ask the EU to abolish restrictions on high-tech exports to China, Wang Xinpei, a spokesman with the Ministry of Commerce, said last week.

The ban on technology that could have military uses was imposed after China’s army crushed pro-democracy protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989.


North American Union?

Has anybody read  “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.”  ‘The true story of the Bilderburg group’ authored by Daniel Estulin?

I first heard about it on Glenn Beck program and now have read about it on  the Christian News Bulletin. It is disturbing to say the least, It is about the integration of the U.S.,Canada and Mexico. A merger if you will. There is a link on my blogroll where you can read an article  on Christian News, also above on CNB and a link above on Estulin.

It would seem according to the author, that a North American Union has been in the works for years, He is not the only one to investigate this,  Jerome Corsi author of the Best Seller ‘The late Great U.S.A.’

They see our current Presidential race as somewhat of a farce. According to Estulin, unless you are a member of the Bilderburg group or Council of Foreign Relations, or the Trilateral Commission, you don’t have a prayer. Estulin guarantees Rudy G. will not be nominated. “Does it really matter who wins?” he asks. “As I make very clear in ‘The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,’ every politician of note and promise belongs to the Bilderbergers, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) or the Trilateral Commission.

There is so much more, go to the link and see what you think,the title of the post is: ‘North American Union, a few years away.’  It would seem that the EU. is a model with their organization and currency. ‘

Money and Power seems (if true) what it’s all about. I find it deeply disturbing as I said earlier and I intend to purchase the books and find out for myself as much as I possibly can. The U.S. Canada, and Mexico as one? I find this hard to imagine Canada giving up their independence. Much less the rest of us. Maybe so…..then again Biblical Scholars have long said we would one day be One World.

Anybody out there know anything about this ?