Our True Hero’s The American Soldier

The True American Hero’s

Thank you for all you have done/doing for us

We appreciate you!



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Jay Nordlinger’s column is one of the few places I’ve seen extensive coverage of President Bush’s little-mentioned, must read speech in which he dares to talk plainly about the much distorted realities of Cuba and communism.

Says Bush:

Cuba’s rulers promised individual liberty. Instead they denied their citizens basic rights that the free world takes for granted. In Cuba it is illegal to change jobs, to change houses, to travel abroad, and to read books or magazines without the express approval of the state. It is against the law for more than three Cubans to meet without permission. Neighborhood Watch programs do not look out for criminals. Instead, they monitor their fellow citizens — keeping track of neighbors’ comings and goings, who visits them, and what radio stations they listen to. The sense of community and the simple trust between human beings is gone.

A huge Thank you to those who have sacrificed so much for our liberty! GOD BLESS YOU!


  1. Remember all who have served and are still serving. ..Amen Ang!!:)

  2. Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve, without their sacrifice and courage, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Thanks for the article about Cuba Angie. That’s going into the files. I’m sure there will be a dumb liberal arriving anytime now yearning to give socialism, castro and che a chance.

  3. Bravo, Miss Angie.

  4. Yes, those that are serving (in the military) are the best. Most of those that are serving (in politics) are the worst. Fiberals (by their fibs) are destroying this country. Education is a great thing. An educated ignoramus is dangerous and that is what these people are. They have an education with no common sense.
    Bob A.

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