Obama on Community Organizing and Who Mentored Him?

Saul Alinsky

In a revelation tying Barack Obamaeven closer to radical community organizing, WND has learned that a renowned disciple of the late socialist agitator Saul “The Red” Alinksy wrote a letter of recommendation for Obama when he applied to Harvard Law School.

Obama approached Northwestern Universityprofessor John L. McKnight – a loyal student of Alinsky’s radical tactics – to pen the Harvard letter in the late 1980s. McKnight serves on the boards of radically anti-American groups in Chicago, including one accused of thuggery.

Obama in his 2006 memoir alludes to McKnight – whom he describes as an “older man who had been active in the civil rights efforts in Chicago in the sixties” – but stops short of identifying him by name. He referred to him only as “my friend.”

But McKnight, who enforced affirmative action for Attorney GeneralRobert Kennedy, was far more than that to young Obama. He helped train him in the agitation tactics of Alinsky, who wrote the organizing manual, “Rules for Radicals,” which he dedicated to mankind’s “very first radical, Lucifer.”

The Chicago-based Gamaliel Foundation lists McKnight as a board director. From1985 to 1988, Obama worked for a subsidiary of Gamaliel, where he cut his teeth as a community organizer on Chicago’s South Side. McKnight and Gamaliel, which was founded on Alinsky’s principles, provided training for the budding radical.

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Chicago Annenberg Challenge Battle

So what is going on Chicago?

From and by Stanley Kurtz

In the process of tracing down the Obama-Ayers connection, I located a large cache of documents housed in the Richard J. Daley Library of the University of Illinois at Chicago. These documents are the internal files of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a small foundation, founded and inspired by Bill Ayers, for which Obama served as board chairman (almost surely at Ayers’s behest). Although the library initially promised me access to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records, top library officials mysteriously intervened at the last minute to bar access. There followed a struggle between myself and library officials over my right to examine the documents. Although I cannot know for certain, there is reason to believe that Bill Ayers himself may have been consulted, behind the scenes, as the conflict grew.

The explanations offered by library officials for the last-minute decision to block access to the documents were contradictory and shifting. I cannot say for certain that we are dealing with a politically motivated cover-up, but it seems like a very real possibility. Before my access was cut off, an assistant at the library sent me a “finding aid” for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records — a document of over 60 pages indicating the contents of the 947 file folders in the Collection. The evidence in the finding aid suggest that the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records could provide very important information about Barack Obama’s background and the history of his working relationship with Ayers.

I need public help to gain access to this critically important repository of information. Frankly, since thedispute over access, which played out late last week, I have grown concerned about the security of the documents. Public awareness is probably the best way to reduce the likelihood of documents being damaged or spirited away before I have a chance to break the embargo and gain access to the Collection.

You can read more about the battle over the Chicago Annenberg Collection records in my new NRO piece, “Chicago Annenberg Challenge Shutdown?” Please consider contacting the president of the University of Illinois system, B. Joseph White, to ask him to take immediate public steps to insure the safety of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records, to release the identity of the collection’s donor, and above all to swiftly make the collection available to me, and to the public at large. You can find an e-mail link for White here. Telephone, fax, and mailing addresses for White’s offices can be found here