Is There A Green/Energy Connection with Soro’s Goldman Sachs and Obama?

We have been hearing a lot about $500 Billion for stimulus package, Obama Team wants to work on infrastructure..etc: Oh, right, Paulson did change mind about the Government buying mortgages. Then the Team wants to tackle Global warming.

0ur country is losing jobs right and left. So my question is ‘why in the world would Team Obama want to cost us more jobs in the energy field? Why would ‘the team’ care more about the ‘environment’ than the middle class? Why does ‘the team’ not get it or care that Americans screamed loud and clear that they wanted to be free of Foreign dependence and rely on our resources? Why now when so many are suffering as it is? Why? I have too many questions that need answering and the American people deserve to know the I challenge us all to find out.

I have posted prior on

Guess What? Obama Plans to Bankrupt Coal Industry!

I have also posted on George Soros before below:

Will Soros Money Determine Election Results? Will Racism Be an Issue?

…Now add Goldman Sachs to the questions? Oh, and don’t forget the Obama connection. We have seen in the past that you can follow the money honey and learn a lot by who benefits. Well, just who does benefit big time from a green policy that would further send us down the pit? Let’s investigate together. Bet we can find some mighty big fish in both parties.

It really does seem that some would like for America to go down…in order to have their NEW WORLD ORDER at our expense.

Hat tip Butasforme

Original article COAL BUST BRIEF (printed below in entirety-thank you for photo)


The first indication something is amiss is the fact Obama’s team is already suggesting the coal industry will be first casualty. This is very odd because we have the largest deposits of coal. This does not mean we have to abandon the pursuit of making this energy clean. We are Americans, and can scientifically accomplish greatness. However, team Obama is quick to lay the groundwork for a huge decline in these jobs. Even worse, team Obama blocks laws that can help this industry become more efficient.

Bloomberg: Obama’s Plan Would Close Half of All New Power Plants.

Jason Grumet, Obama’s Chief Energy Advisor On Obama’s Energy Plan:

“Sen. Obama is somewhat unique in not implying that this radical transformation of our economy is just going to be easy, or that stocks are only going to go up. There are going to be significant changes within the manufacturing sector. Those will be painful for some people…. The campaign believes that in the early years of that transition, there will be some disproportionate impact on different industries and different regions that has to be acknowledged up front; they’re not going to be avoidable…”¹

Jason Grumet, Explaining Obama’s Plan Told C-SPAN:

“Obama is confident his carbon policy will make it “ludicrous” to invest money in new coal that’s not 100% sequestered. You only need a $15/ton price on carbon to make pulverized coal uneconomic. If Obama’s unable to get that climate policy in place, he will do whatever is necessary to prevent construction of a round of new pulverized coal plants, including standards that would essentially amount to a moratorium.”

Obama Called For A Tax On “Dirty Energy” Like Coal and Natural Gas:

“What we ought to tax is dirty energy, like coal and, to a lesser extent, natural gas.” (”Q&A With Sen. Barack Obama,” San Antonio Express-News, 2/19/08).

U.S. News: “Isn’t it True Obama You Want Higher Energy Prices?

So with his obvious aversion to damaging the environment, you think he support laws to make emissions cleaner? Well his record suggests otherwise.

Obama voted against laws that would have helped coal plants capture 100% of the carbon dioxide.

In 2007, Obama Voted Against Mandating The Production Of Six Billion Gallons Of Clean Coal-Derived Fuels. “Bunning, R-Ky., amendment no. 1628 to the Reid, D-Nev., substitute amendment no. 1502. The Bunning amendment would mandate that 6 billion gallons of clean coal-derived fuels’ be produced by 2022. It would define these fuels as having 20 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline and being produced by facilities that capture 100 percent of carbon dioxide emissions.” (H.R. 6, CQ Vote #213: Rejected 39-55: R 39-6; D 0-47; I 0-2, 6/19/07, Obama Voted Nay)

Obama Blocked Statutory Laws to Make Coal Cleaner:

In 2007, Obama Voted Against Authorizing Funds For Coal-To-Liquid Fuels. “Inhofe, R-Okla., amendment no. 1505 to the Reid substitute amendment no. 1502. The Inhofe amendment would expedite the permitting process for the expansion of refinery facilities and authorize funds for the development of coal-to-liquid and cellulosic biomass fuels.” (H.R. 6, CQ Vote #210: Rejected 43-52: R 43-2; D 0-48; I 0-2, 6/13/07, Obama Voted Nay).

His reason?

Obama: “The Bunning amendment would have been premature in requiring the production of billions of gallons of coal-to-liquids without providing strong environmental safeguards to ensure that this new fuel alleviates, not worsens, our climate crisis.” (Sen. Barack Obama, “Obama Statement On Coal-To-Liquid Fuel Proposals,” Press Release, 6/19/07)

It seems funny that Obama has reservations about science. But his obvious resistance puts the coal industry and other industries that utilize fossil fuels in a ‘catch-22‘.

So it is understood that the coal industry has little wiggle room to emerge victorious. But as a nation we will still need energy to power our nation. The Obama team proposes a comprehensive energy plan that is not only expensive, but does not utilize any of America’s natural resources. And you have to admit the fact Obama put the coal industry in a ‘catch-22′ is at best illogical, at worst criminal.

While it is possible Obama truly believes in the newest forms of energy, what if the motive is good old fashioned greed.

If greed is the motive, is not out of the question that Obama is pushing specific energy paths that benefit shared interests at the cost of entire industries such as coal. Obama is on the record saying he wants to move people away from coal by utilizing “price signals” (sharp increases in energy prices that change behavior).

In turn, this manipulative form would be burdensome to the population. Eventually, we would demand cheaper energy. While the architect of the price fluctuations and manipulations would be the Obama administration, he would claim his plan is not for his shared interests’ gain, but helping America deal with energy challenges.

But who does Obama know that has a vested interest in these forms of energy?

World, Meet George Soro’s and Goldman Sachs.

(Research Soros and compare it to Obama. You’ll find striking similarities. It is elections eve, and I do not have a lot of time to get this out. But please post your findings in the comments section. I will update this post with other information).

George Soros is a huge proponent of this type of energy and has investment, though it is not clear to me how in depth they are. (Please research and help out). He also financed Obama’s campaign. He is also a financial manipulator, convicted of illegal insider trading in France for playing financial games with a bank there. A hedge fund operator, George Soros, who was convicted of insider trading in France, is known to make money from the collapse of national economies and currencies. Labeled “The Man who broke the Bank of England” because of his financial activities against the British currency, he is said to be on a witness list of hedge fund operators that will be called to testify before Congress next month―probably after the election.

The statement above, is “known to make money from collapsed economies and currencies..broke the Bank of England, Insider trading, hedge funds,”

Does that not give you pause? In Nazi Germany, he posed as a German and helped round up his own people, took their possessions, in short..enriched himself as his own people were slaughtered. That alone gives me pause…change that to horror.

George Soros raised $60,000 of this Obama funding, with his own donations and those he procured from his family. Soros reportedly met with Obama first in March — a mere state senator, Obama was the only candidate in the country with whom Soros met personally during the 2004 election cycle, according to Soros spokesman Michael Vachon (quoted by CNS News, July 27, 2004). On June 7, 2004, Obama was in Soros’ New York home for an Obama campaign fundraising event.

But this is where it gets interesting.

It’s reported that Obama and Soros staged a disagreement, as if to show the world they were not on friendly terms. But the donations kept on flowing. Odd? Not unless this theory is true.

Other questions concerning campaign financing: Many of Obama’s donations are untracable. He simply will not publish his donors under $200.00. It would not be unreasonable to assume many of his donations are illegal. But could these millions of smaller donations, which he is not required to record, be coming from the same source?

We will not know unless he releases the data. That ain’t likely now to happen. Check this out:

Obama Lied, Now He’ll Slide, On Campaign Finance Audit from Road Sassy

But this network of secret combinations is not limited to Soros and Obama.

Obama’s biggest donor is still Goldman Sachs and the trio (Goldman, Obama and Soros) run deep with their shared interest in this newer form of energy.

Henry Paulson, the man who convinced Bush of the economic crisis, has huge ties with China and Goldman Sachs.

And almost as secretive were Treasury Secretary Paulson’s maneuvers. He produced a quick three-page proposal to make himself a virtual financial dictator without judicial oversight or review. Then just as quickly it was secretly altered so that he would have the authority to bail out banks in China and other foreign countries.

For those interested in some of the fascinating details about Paulson’s extremely close relationship with China, which may have provoked the financial crisis and stands to benefit from it, the October issue of Bloomberg Markets is a good place to start. It notes that Paulson was sworn in as secretary in July 2006 and that by September he was announcing “creation of the first U.S.-China Strategic Economic Dialogue.” Paulson, the magazine reports, has a relationship with Chinese leaders and has traveled to China at least 70 times in his career. It reports that he personally had $25 million worth of holdings in a Goldman Sachs fund whose sole asset was a stake in the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China.

Goldman Sachs, a “full-service global investment banking and securities firm,” is “the leading underwriter of Chinese equity securities and M&A [merger and acquisition] advisor in China,” its website declares.

“Managing the U.S. relationship with China is an increasingly important part of the Treasury secretary’s job,” Bloomberg Markets says. “During the Fannie and Freddie crisis, Paulson used his credibility with Chinese leaders to reassure them that the U.S. mortgage companies weren’t in jeopardy.” Paulson is quoted as saying that “I clearly talked with the Chinese through this. They’ve worked with me enough that they knew I wouldn’t say it unless I believed it.”

Equally significant, on September 23, Paulson’s former firm, Goldman-Sachs, received an infusion of $5 billion from Warren Buffett, a major Obama financial backer and booster.²

There was also a secret meeting with Tom Brokaw, Goldman Sachs and Obama at the museum of modern art.(This meeting happened shorty before Obama’s primetime debate). It has to be left to speculation on what happened at this meeting.)

In addition, it is rumored that Soros funds various media organizations. This Soros backed venture has influence with major television networks, newspapers and magazines. These well backed groups could be the reason the media is so biased towards Obama & Biden.

But the spending and secret combinations even extend beyond the domestic energy programs. Obama is sponsor of a $840 BILLION dollar poverty bill, that subjects the United States to a United Nations tax of 0.7% of GDP. More investigation into this is needed as well.

I urge all of those interested to begin research. Please post your research links in the comments section here. Lets research and get to the bottom of this fishy story.

It is not to say Obama is a huge fraud. But all these events are terribly fishy. It is really really odd. We must get to the bottom of this. Help out.

Forward this to your friends so we get more people working on this, and more people asking questions. The more this gets out the better we can get to the bottom of this.

Sources are in links above.



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  3. This is the reason Obama don’t want more drilling, no coal, no nuke power and only corn! I say he has a big interest in the corn and alot of his money support cames from these people you have named! Good post!

  4. “Why would ‘the team’ care more about the ‘environment’ than the middle class?”

    Simple, they don’t care for the middle-class, nor to they care for the poor or anyone else but themselves. Tackling global warming has been a colossal failure everywhere it’s tried, those stupid enough to try end up owning billions in debt with not a single bit of difference in the temperature that they can tie back to their actions.

    It’ll cost you jobs, livelihoods and vastly expand the welfare base, which in turn has to vote for the likes of obama. That is but one aspect of the plan. Ultimately, they want to turn America into just another worthless socialist toilet.

  5. The first indication something is amiss is the fact Obama’s team is already suggesting the coal industry will be first casualty. true Ang..and yet the media is silent yet again..argg!..hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. George Soros is tied to the Clintons and Al Gore – both sent Soros to E. Europe to stir up coups, establish “shadow governments” in various countries to take over after the coups. While there he made billions on creating hedge funds there. Soros is tight with Hillary, and created the Shadow Party here in the US – then picked his boy Obama to back (make that BUY, including the Presidency). Now his Shadow Party AND the allied CAP (Center for American Progress – a left wing think tank run by Hillary and Podesta) are filling the posts in the Obama administration – secretaries, under secretaries, researchers, speech writers, staff , and national security – all at Soros’ beck and call – now filing into DC to take up their posts with Obama. And you thought there was going to be NEW politics in DC? LOL – what a sad dark joke. This administration will look like Clintons’ only it will have strings tied to Soros and all will be puppets – Plus Soros HATES Israel, Jews, Christians, Bush and America – everything he does is a dark agenda, serving himself and his ultimate goals – and so far it all seems to be falling into place exactly as he planned. NONE OF IT BODES WELL FOR THE US, NO MATTER RICH OR POOR OR IN BETWEEN. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE END OF THE LINE FOR THE US.

  7. Excellent post! And a great job of following the money trail, a trail which never lies.

    It is to the advantage of some — particular elitists — to turn America into a Third World country.

  8. “In Nazi Germany, he posed as a German and helped round up his own people, took their possessions, in short..enriched himself as his own people were slaughtered. That alone gives me pause…change that to horror.”

    Just to put this into context, George Soros was 14 years old in 1944 when this happened. In fact the reason this is common knowledge is because he himself tells this story. Again, Angie, you surprise me with your inability to see another side to this story. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it does.

    But please continue this black and white, good and evil, no compromise way of thinking. It does absolutely nothing to further your cause of conservatism. All it does is turn people away so you guys can feel superior.

  9. Great write-up Angie. You really worked hard on this one and it is so right on and timely.

    Unfortunately we are living in bad times with a bad soon to be president. Can we really expect things to get better? I doubt it. Too many elitists!

  10. Ran across this blog and from what I see with the Obama team is that this country is in for a rough time for at least 4 years if not longer!

  11. Thanks all for your comments. I have been a tad under the weather, so probably will be sporadic with posts until can get a few finished and scheduled. Will be around very soon, have missed you all.

    Good Time, excellent link you shared with us. Thank you.

    MK and Angel, yes, it does not seem to matter in a bleak economy that coal industry j0bs will be lost. The idea is to seem like we are doing something, spending millions if not billions on ‘greening America’. Yes, there will be new jobs added for this. But will they be the number of those lost by the so called ‘greening’? Will we be energy independent or will we still be puppets that 0pec can play? I think we know the answer to that question.

    AOW & Layla, Thank you it does always seem to be about the money, eh?

    Sparkleplenty27 Thank you for stopping by, your comments are pretty much on the mark as far as I can tell.

    Duh, Yes, I will continue to be black and white..LOL! It does not matter to me that he was 14 or 21. He posed as one of the Nazis. There is a lot of reading and old clips you can find, this is one that stood out to me.

    I am for truth, let the shoe fall where it falls. We deserve the truth as we are all going to be paying the price.

    The purpose of rhe post asked for help in the research on a possible ‘green energy connection to the end of Fossil Fuel and the many that depend on it for their livlihood. It also relates to every American that uses electricity. We now get (last time I checked) 47 percent of it from coal. But whatever. My opinion nor yours on a comment I made about the effect Soros has on me with his attitudes does not seem as important to me as the lives that are going to be affected.

    On December 20, 1998, there appeared this exchange between Soros and Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes”:Kroft: “You’re a Hungarian Jew …”

    Soros: “Mm-hmm.”

    Kroft: “… who escaped the Holocaust …”

    Soros: “Mm-hmm.”

    Kroft: “… by posing as a Christian.”

    Soros: “Right.”

    Kroft: “And you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.”

    Soros: “Right. I was 14 years old. And I would say that that’s when my character was made.”

    Kroft: “In what way?”

    Soros: “That one should think ahead. One should understand that—and anticipate events and when, when one is threatened. It was a tremendous threat of evil. I mean, it was a—a very personal threat of evil.”

    Kroft: “My understanding is that you went … went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.”

    Soros: “Yes, that’s right. Yes.”

    Kroft: “I mean, that’s—that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?”

    Soros: “Not, not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t … you don’t see the connection. But it was—it created no—no problem at all.”

    Kroft: “No feeling of guilt?”

    Soros: “No.”

    Kroft: “For example, that, ‘I’m Jewish, and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be these, I should be there.’ None of that?”

    Soros: “Well, of course, … I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was—well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in the markets—that is I weren’t there—of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would—would—would be taking it away anyhow. the property was being taken away. So I had no sense of guilt.”

    Peretz’s conclusion:

    So this is the psychodrama that has been visited on American liberalism. We learn Soros never has nightmares. Had he been tried in a de-Nazification process for having been a young cog in the Hitlerite wheel, he would have felt that, since other people would have confiscated the same Jewish property and delivered the same deportation notices to the same doomed Jews, it was as if he hadn’t done it himself. He sleeps well, while we sleep in Nazi America.

    I was 14 years old. And I would say that that’s when my character was made.And this is the same amoral character that chooses to compare us to Nazis, who himself joined with the Nazis, because such behavior had become normative. And he himself places no judgement on his past actions – certainly not publicly, and to judge by the measure of his deeds, not privately either. Clearly, he is ready to turn on anyone, to have loyalty to no one, as long as the “market” – by which he means social norms deranged by wartime – might possibly permit it.

    This strikes me as sociopathic.

  12. Angie,
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you will be fine soon. This was one of the best posts I have seen in a long time.

    I have been delinquent on my posts, also. I have two finals coming up and have been studying like a crazy woman. Hope to be back into it in December sometime.

    Get well, soon.

    Thanks, Study can make you feel crazy at times, especially this time of year. Hope you have an easy time with your finals (if that is possible) 🙂 and have the best ever Thanksgiving. Hope to visit you soon.
    Thanks again,

  13. “This strikes me as sociopathic.” What? The fact that he doesn’t feel guilt for something he did as a 14 year old during a time when his own life was in danger? It’s ridiculous to compare the actions of a 14 year old with that of a 21 year old. I can not believe that I would have to point that out.

    With every single post you write, I really question how you justify your opinions with your so-called religious beliefs. But I guess we’ll both have lots of time to talk about it while roasting in hell. Me for not believing, and you for being a total hypocrite. It’s OK by me. I happen to like our conversations. 🙂

    Dear Duh, I believe I said that I did not care whether he was 14 or 21, his actions still horrified me. Be that as it may, read it again. It clearly says ‘Peretz’s conclusion:’ However, I tend to agree with him as he does not seem to have much conscience about fact it did not bother him at all. Last time I read about sociopath behavior…they have no conscience. So I thought it was well worth printing his conclusion.

    While I enjoy our conversations, I certainly do not plan to roast in hell, and I would hope that you do not either. I rather think I don’t justify. I just tell it like it is or before you say it, as I see it. Funny, I can almost hear how you would comment on just about everything. Are you sure we don’t have or did have a relationship? LOL! No, I guess not, but there should/would have been interesting fireworks. I say yellow, you say red, I say blue, you say orange..notice how in the right circumstances these colors could go well together.. on the other hand, I kinda like red and purple together…red hat society anyone? 🙂

  14. I know you said you don’t care. It’s just funny that you have no sympathy for the “choices” a 14 year old boy made (choices his father encouraged to keep him alive). I say “choices” in quotes because I don’t know what kind of parents you had at 14, but I don’t remember making many decisions at that age so how could I feel bad about things I did? If my parents’ told me to pretend I was a Nazi, at 14, hell yeah I would have. What other choice would I have?

    Do I think it’s right? I can’t even begin to answer that. It’s just amazing that you have no problem judging people’s actions in such incredible situations. That’s all I’m saying.

    I don’t think anyone plans on roasting in hell, but according to you, people end up there none the less…

  15. It’s funny how leftists cannot sit still while someone else doesn’t hold the same stupid positions and beliefs they hold. They just can’t stand it when someone will not fall into line and repeat after their mindless ranting. Every single person has to be brow-beaten, cajoled, mocked and bullied into line.

  16. It’s funny how MK sees every discussion of differing ideas as “bullying” and “brow beating”. Typical of someone who can not back up what they say with facts and prefers to believe things based on what they want to believe.

    MK, I am bullying? Since when have I made a personal attack toward you or anybody, and yet each one of your posts, while having no logical redeeming value, are full of attacks. You seem unable to hold a conversation with someone of differing view points at all, and yet I’M a bully?

    Don’t worry Angie. I won’t hold MK bad attitude toward all conservatives!
    Where are you, btw?

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