Cell Phone’s Cause Communication Woes


We all have the experience like the guy in the commercial saying something important and the phone is silent in response because it has gone to cell phone heaven or hell.                                                          

However, I thought of our phones in another way after reading an article by Michael Smerconish of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

 “Technology is killing our means of Communication.”

How interesting, I thought my mobile kept me up to the minute connected to family, friends and work. As I pondered on this, I realized that he has a very valid point. “The stuff that is supposed to be keeping us in touch is making us more distant.”

Most of this is summarized or directly from his article,

 “It used to be when the only phone ringing was a house phone, usually in the kitchen and whoever picked it up would exchange a few words then  a big holler to the intended recipient and hand it over.”


“When the phone rings today, it’s a BlackBerry or cell phone, and the only person who answers is the intended recipient. There is no secondary circle of communication. Gone is the communication with the person who is a relative on your spouse’s side of the family.”

 You are out of the loop!

Yes, as he points out, this can sometimes be a plus, spare ‘stupid talk’ or annoying people.

How many of us when asked for our number these days, give out the landline number  if you still have a landline?

This is what intrigued me. Mr Smerconish goes on to talk about the drawbacks this can involve, such as your daughter’s boyfriend or your son’s girlfriend.

“Remember how you used to get your first impression of him or her? Their phone manner? “Hello Mr. Smir-no-coff?” You knew if he was courteous. “May I speak with_?You knew if he had personality. “Did you hear the one about._? You got a hunch about whether he was appropriate. “Oh no sir, I would never dream of …” and whether he was smart. “I loved your column on….”

“Now you have never heard of him until he shows up at your door. It’s the same with your kids entire social circle. And your husband’s boss. And your wife’s book club. The only person who gets to know these people is the one who deals directly with them. The family telephone used to be the axle through which all the spokes in the family and social network were connected. No more.”

Mr Smerconish ends this article with how “we are forgetting how to make small polite small talk. It’s a lost art. One on one used to be a form of basketball defense. Now it’s the way we live our lives.”

As I pondered on this, I realized that yes, we are connected and yet disconnected at the same time. The same thing applies to our ‘Time saving devices’. We got a lot of time savers and little time to use all of them. Personally, I think it’s all those darn instructions, will somebody please just show me how to use it?