Village Ave Church Survey

“We really need some volunteers to help with this Block survey.” said Brother Boline “Please prayerfully consider just an afternoon, maybe two hours at most”. My mind says Self, let’s wait and see if anybody else will do it. ‘Sister Angie, says Brother Boline “Would you be able to do this one day this week?” ‘What is it exactly that I have to do?” (knowing full well what I would have to do) “Aw, just take this survey form and ask all the neighbors on Village Ave. to please fill it out”.  Okay,I’ll do it one day this week. ” Pastor flashed a wide toothy grin and said ” Thank you, I knew we could count on you, it’s so hard with everybody being so busy these days getting things done.” (too bad for them and me that I did not know how to say no at that time.)

I had on a sun dress with a jacket, hose and heels. Looked good, (we’re talking 50 pounds and several years ago) I had just finished up with my work in my air conditioned office and was ready to hit the streets of Village Ave, surveys on the seat next to me in a nice little pile. First house was o.k. but God, it’s sure hot.. This would have to be August and the humidity is unforgiving. Second house is fine.  Said to myself, Angie, you aren’t working, let’s just take these hose off. Third home, this isn’t too bad, l’m not working, I’m taking this jacket off. On and on it goes, everybody is pleasant. I’m getting the job done. I kinda like these friendly folks.

Stopped by my girlfriends home who happened to live on Village Ave. Had something cold to drink, chatted a bit and then as I’m going out the door she screams “ANGIE, MY GOD, YOUR ZIPPERS BROKE!”! It was a long low sun dress kind of zipper, Of course, I had nothing on underneath. Needless to say, my street survey was over. Humiliation set in and thoughts of how long has it been like this and my God, what if I see them again? Then I started laughing and thought “bet the church will be full Sunday”!

Of course, when I told my husband, he said, My God, don’t tell anybody!