Obamamania: Mum’s the word!

I have been hesitant to share this info but with the recent NYTimes headliner with McCain, Major news stations buzzing about it, etc: And please note I am no McCain fan. However fair is fair.

My big question has been: Why are we not hearing about this from the Media..I mean it is not like they do not rally to smear… in fact I would venture to say that Our once great press has been reduced to the ‘Tabloid mentality.

I am not saying that Larry Sinclair is telling the truth..I do not know.. that is something only he and Obama know. I am saying..look Media..here is a story.. alleged story maybe. Why don’t you check it out? It may not be false..but then again it may be…It has never stopped you before..

Are there any journalists or reporters out there that would dare to take a stand and do some investigating? Maybe it is the race card. Hate to say it but maybe some are afraid if they step up to the plate, that they might be called a racist. How sad and doubly sad for our country. Meanwhile we have one reputable news source below that dared to report this story.


 Larry Sinclair accuses Obama of drug use and homosexual acts Continue reading