McCain Truths that are stranger than fiction

Many of you have read my critical reviews of McCain, While I do not like the position he has taken on some of the issues..particularly illegal immigration (he has now said he will secure the border, I for one still do not like the rest of the story, Last I heard he still holds his previous position on guest workers and citizenship,) and the position on limiting political speech. You can see the McCain posts below. I do admire his character..the post below shows the real man..the Character of the man..which I find sadly lacking in many of our leaders today. Retired Colonel Bud Day was McCain’s cellmate for 2 years and shares below..

Some truths about McCain that are stranger than fiction

Excerpts from an account by Karl Rove — retelling what wartime comrades of McCain have related to him

Mr. Day relayed to me one of the stories Americans should hear. It involves what happened to him after escaping from a North Vietnamese prison during the war. When he was recaptured, a Vietnamese captor broke his arm and said, “I told you I would make you a cripple.” The break was designed to shatter Mr. Day’s will. He had survived in prison on the hope that one day he would return to the United States and be able to fly again. To kill that hope, the Vietnamese left part of a bone sticking out of his arm, and put him in a misshapen cast. This was done so that the arm would heal at “a goofy angle,” as Mr. Day explained. Had it done so, he never would have flown again.

But it didn’t heal that way because of John McCain. Risking severe punishment, Messrs. McCain and Day collected pieces of bamboo in the prison courtyard to use as a splint. Mr. McCain put Mr. Day on the floor of their cell and, using his foot, jerked the broken bone into place. Then, using strips from the bandage on his own wounded leg and the bamboo, he put Mr. Day’s splint in place. Years later, Air Force surgeons examined Mr. Day and complemented the treatment he’d gotten from his captors. Mr. Day corrected them. It was Dr. McCain who deserved the credit. Mr. Day went on to fly again.

Another story I heard over dinner with the Days involved Mr. McCain serving as one of the three chaplains for his fellow prisoners. At one point, after being shuttled among different prisons, Mr. Day had found himself as the most senior officer at the Hanoi Hilton. So he tapped Mr. McCain to help administer religious services to the other prisoners. Today, Mr. Day, a very active 83, still vividly recalls Mr. McCain’s sermons. “He remembered the Episcopal liturgy,” Mr. Day says, “and sounded like a bona fide preacher.” One of Mr. McCain’s first sermons took as its text Luke 20:25 and Matthew 22:21, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” Mr. McCain said he and his fellow prisoners shouldn’t ask God to free them, but to help them become the best people they could be while serving as POWs. It was Caesar who put them in prison and Caesar who would get them out. Their task was to act with honor.

Another McCain story, somewhat better known, is about the Vietnamese practice of torturing him by tying his head between his ankles with his arms behind him, and then leaving him for hours. The torture so badly busted up his shoulders that to this day Mr. McCain can’t raise his arms over his head. One night, a Vietnamese guard loosened his bonds, returning at the end of his watch to tighten them again so no one would notice. Shortly after, on Christmas Day, the same guard stood beside Mr. McCain in the prison yard and drew a cross in the sand before erasing it. Mr. McCain later said that when he returned to Vietnam for the first time after the war, the only person he really wanted to meet was that guard.

Mr. Day recalls with pride Mr. McCain stubbornly refusing to accept special treatment or curry favor to be released early, even when gravely ill. Mr. McCain knew the Vietnamese wanted the propaganda victory of the son and grandson of Navy admirals accepting special treatment. “He wasn’t corruptible then,” Mr. Day says, “and he’s not corruptible today.”

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You will want to read this captivating personal story of his captivity. It is S. McCain III, Lieut. Commander, U.S. Navy

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John McCain spent 5½ years in captivity as a POW in North Vietnam. His first-person account of that harrowing ordeal was published in U.S. Newsin May 1973. Shot down in his Skyhawk dive bomber on Oct. 26, 1967, Navy flier McCain was taken prisoner with fractures in his right leg and both arms. He received minimal care and was kept in wrBelow isetched conditions that he describes vividly in the U.S. News special report:

This story above originally appeared in the
May 14, 1973, issue of U.S.News & World Report

With all my concerns about McCain, one cannot deny his character nor his patriotism.  

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We have some tough choices in November..Going to be hard to strictly vote for our values and who we think may best represent them. This is a time for really studying the issues and then voting for the direction you want to see this country go.. We cannot be swayed by the political talk and I daresay none..NONE woud hold up to the scrutiny and or microscope one goes through today when running for office.

 Personally, I want a leader that will uphold our Constitution and is loyal to this country, who supports Judea Christian Values Who holds our Sovereignty dear…Who that be? Seems there is a little of this and that…but I am looking and praying and studying..Do I vote for the lesser evil? Do I write a name and vote for none of the above? Do I stay home? Don’t much see me doing that although many seem to think that would be a huge shout out to the Republican party that the Mainstream Conservatives (those that love our constitution and bill of rights, believe less government is the best government, ) are not happy campers.. That  would surely be a vote for the one that does get in..would it not? Then again….I have never been so disappointed in my life as to our choices..That’s putting it mildly. The Democratic party and the Republican party has left far too many of us in their quest for globilazation, socialism,and political correctness at America’s expense.. I have a lot more to say on this but I shall leave it for another post..This post is after all, about McCain.

 It is time for a strong third party in my view. With the powers (the 2 parties and the Media) that be, that would be a long uphill battle…