Obama & The UN; A One Faith World?

Consider this quote from Obama:

“Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into UNIVERSAL, rather than RELIGIOUS-SPECIFIC VALUES. “NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT FOR SOME WHO BELIEVE IN THE INERRANCY OF THE SACRED SCRIPTURES. But in a PLURALISTIC DEMOCRACY, we have NO CHOICE. Politics depends on our ability to persuade ea. Other of common aims based on a common reality…AT SOME FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL, RELIGION. DOES NOT ALLOW FOR COMPROMISE.

It sounds a lot to me like Obama doesn’t like any of the major religions but is perhaps a believer in One-Faith-of-God…an inoffensive global religion. The one world religion has all the hallmarks of a trend. Remember the Soviets ‘allowed’ a state religion, much as the Chinese do now. It’s a part of the Marxist way.
Here’s an interesting excerpt from a shadowy document intended for American application:

This is the purpose of One-Faith-Of-God. To give all Christians and Jews around the world an idea greater than any divided and misguided loyalties. To unite as one, to heal the world, to protect the world and to give back life to the solar system.
49.2 The UN resolution to form the state of One-Faith
It shall be a mission of the Union that the United Nations shall eventually pass all necessary motions and direction that the sovereign state of One-Faith be established in accordance with the constitution written.

I wonder then if all other religions besides the state-sanctioned one will be considered cults.

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Perhaps the book of Daniel and Revelations is unfolding before our eyes.

Obama America- A Black Minister’s View & Islam in America

Video link below from a Black Minister talking about how dangerous Obama is and lists the reasons why he has this conclusion. He is really tough on his people and whites too that have been taken in. He has some interesting comments for all of us. Says if his people had sat in his church for 20 years and did not know what he was talking about: well, you just gotta hear this man.Also mentions standing up to stop Obama from getting rid of Christmas! Perhaps because Barack and Michelle don’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays or because he suspects that BO is respectful of the Muslim Communtiy. Eh?

He says he cannot believe that so many are willing to turn over the military to him plus much much more. See and listen.


Hon. James David Manning, PhD preaches about Obama’a mama, grandmama, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezco, William Ayers, Christmas and more in the message called “God Save America” preached on Saturday, 18 October 2008.

Here is a  link that explains what the Minister may be talking about.Hat tip to GoodTimePolitics for this additional link on If Obama is a Christian, why doesn’t he Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas has become something far from what it was intended.  With that said, I totally agree with the Hon.James David Manning in the video link’s views. The hardest thing for me in all of this mess we find ourselves in..is how so many that claim they love the Lord seem to be so blind about this man. Jeremiah Wright is now saying he did not know Obama’s views were so extreme.. yeah, just like Germany did not know about Hitler. Just like so many that want to close up their mind to common sense.

Here is more: excerpt below visit link below

*A recent Pew Survey found that 25% of American Muslims support Suicide Bombing*

The following video collection is a study of Islam and of Barack Hussein Obama’s cultural and political connection to said religion. You may find it a bit long, but it is quite worth it. (A weekend documentary!)

The speaker is highly knowledgeable of both the Quran and the Hadith (sayings of the prophet) and he gives you textual and audio readings of both primary sources to make his case (he is also an Arab speaker).

It is imperative that every voter is exposed to this subject, since it exposes an aspect of the Islamic faith, and of Obama’s background, that the Media (even Fox) is afraid to discuss.

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