Thank you Mr. Bush for expanding 21st Century global slavery!

This post by No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right!  expresses my feelings and thoughts exactly on our present administrations policies on illegal immigration. Hat tip to NO COMPROMISES:

IMHO It is one thing for private industry from foreign countries to invest in our country, they provide jobs that help fuel our economy. Quite another for foreign governments to buy on the ‘cheap’ here such as our banking industries..Can you imagine our future policies? Wake up America!


Harmony, liberal intercourse with all Nations, are recommended by policy, humanity and interest. But even our Commercial policy should hold an equal and impartial hand: neither seeking nor granting exclusive favors or preferences; consulting the natural course of things; diffusing and d[i]versifying by gentle means the streams of Commerce, but forcing nothing; establishing with Powers so disposed; in order to give to trade a stable course; to define the rights of our Merchants, and to enable the Government to support them; conventional rules of intercourse; the best that present circumstances and mutual opinion will permit, but temporary, and libel to be from time to time abandoned or varied, as experience and circumstances shall dictate; constantly keeping in view, that ’tis folly in one Nation to look for disinterested favors from an other; that it must pay with a portion of its Independence for whatever it may accept under that character; that by such acceptance, it may place itself in the condition of having given equivalence for nominal favors and yet of being reproached with ingratitude for not giving more (G. Washington-Farewall Address 1796).

 Bush and his fellow anti-American Senate Snakes are giving greater preference to Mexico and its Citizens than to America and her Citizens! I supported President Bush twice on his bids for the highest seat in the land. I thought he was doing great with 9-11 issues, the economy, pro-life and stem cell issues, until SCAMnesty was attempted to be shoved down our throats! That’s when I knew George Bush was a globalist FIRST, and then an American. It didn’t make sense to me that out of one side of his mouth he said he was pro-American economy, and then out the other side of his mouth he wanted to allow upwards of 30 million illegals to get an out of jail free card. A card used to illegally enter this country, and live off of the Citizens who also foot the bill on their food, housing, education, energy, and medical. These same illegals who flaunt their ungratefulness to this country by parading down American streets with their Mexican flags held high above our American flag!

 Illegals determined to colonize this country through their racist attempts at policy change! Bush thought the best of these “hard-working” illegals because they were supposedly doing jobs Americans didn’t want!

 Let’s examine this: Bush is of the belief that the concept of minimum wage is bad for business which I happen to agree with, so he allows millions of illegals to come here looking for the American dream and doing jobs that Americans “won’t do”? OR is it that illegals are doing jobs that American businessmen are unwilling to pay Americans to do? I am adamantly opposed to paying illegals substandard wages that are substantially less than what Americans are customarily paid to do for the same job. This is what is creating the magnet of illegals invading this country. Illegals get paid less than Americans, and that is why Americans aren’t doing those jobs! Not because they don’t want to do these jobs, but because business owners don’t want Americans to do these jobs!

 Furthermore, because illegals are working for less money, and no bennies, the rest of us end up having to pay for their living expenses that American businesses should be paying for!

What has Bush done to reduce the Welfare state? NOTHING! He has increased it and that’s another tendril in the root of the problem! This is Bush’s idea of helping the American economy, but he has only created a system of unjust weights and measures and he has turned a blind eye on businesses who are now free to hire illegals at the taxpayers expense! This is not equal weights and measures because illegals are treated differently and paid less than Americans.

If businesses would pay everyone the same then illegals wouldn’t be hired. Problem fixed and the magnet would loose it’s strength. This is a violation of the Constitution because it violates regular commerce between the states and individual Citizens verses aliens. There is to be only one standard not two, and the President is the last person who would make that decision. If Congress doesn’t have that authority to create two separate standards, then certainly the President doesn’t possess it either.

This behavior also violates George Washington’s Farewell address in that he said, “Observe good faith and justice between all nations (Sept 19. 1796). But who cares right? The Constitution is a living, breathing document, and those men of old were uneducated old geezers from the past who didn’t have to deal with the same issues we deal with today! Whatever!

This pisses me off! I resent the fact that my family is paying for all of these illegal’s costs of living while ours goes down, AND they have jobs too! I resent the fact that the vicious propaganda is that these illegals take jobs Americans won’t take as we are heading into a recession. LIES! I resent the fact that illegals have disposable income that my family doesn’t possess; hell, if we had all of our living expenses paid for this family would have disposable income too, and we could buy, buy, buy on credit like the illegals do, and help the big bankers, I mean, the economy too! I resent the fact that the Republican party “leadership” aka RINOs claim that we are missing an opportunity to gain more votes for the Grand Old Party if we stand in the corner of the illegals and give them SCAMensty.

All of this from a man who claims that he is doing it for the American economy; more like doing it TO the American economy! I am baffled by his actions. I’m baffled that I have to press one for English and the local school has Spanish on its reader board instead of English. How can any president say he is for America when he wants to erase the border and our American culture? It appears American voters can no longer find a President who actually cares for his country, and wants to protect it by following our Constitution, rather we now elect men who are power trippers, and care more about the concerns of foreigners then the arrows that fly against this great country.

 America is still great, but she is lead by co-dependent globalist leaders who seek approval and try to please the world. That’s how I see Bush!

Bush will spend his last year working on the economy, but for whose benefit? If he is going to allow illegals to cross our borders and throw our tax paid border guards in prison for doing their duty why bother trying to fix the economy? It doesn’t make any sense. In fact, I would rather Bush just go home now, and stop meddling in everyone’s affairs. If Bush wants to leave office with his head held high then this is what he needs to do in his final year: he needs to focus his attention on the affairs of this great Republic, and not those who are determined to kill this nation because they are intimidated and jealous by our greatness.

We are a compassionate bunch and will give the shirts off our back to anyone who needs it, but we won’t be forced to give our shirts because someone is whining out there or because someone decides that they want to take our country over! Once they take it over they will ruin this nation as they have ruined they own nation! This is what I don’t understand: our founders gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honors to leave the country of their birth and spilled their blood, sweat and tears to make a new life elsewhere so they could practice their beliefs in peace. Why can’t other people of their nations do the same in their own country? Why do we have to do it for them? Most Americans appreciate the sacrifice our founders went through for us, and understand that the men and women of old broke their backs so we could have the lives we have today, but those who come here illegally and those who don’t care about American culture do not appreciate what these brave men and women did for this country, and they don’t care about their sacrifice. They only care about what they can take out of us, and it’s fueled by the fires of the politics of grievance. Thank you Mr. Bush for expanding 21st Century global slavery! Thank you for redefining what it means to be an American. Thank you for redefining our economy, and doing it all without our permission like the kings of old who thought they had the divine right to do so simply because they were born into privileged positions, and thank you for putting foreign interests ahead of our own! Thank you!

Thank you No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right!