Patience please?


 Update: For all you that wondered how the heck could anybody lose a post? Well let me tell ya, it is pretty easy to lose a post when you

1.Are tired

2.Don’t know what you are doing in the first place

3.Have no patience

4. By now propping your eyelids up with toothpicks to read the dang forum. CUZ Nobody is up that late at support wherever..whatever…

5.Have checked and rechecked your posts as per suggested on forum to see where the culprit is and Whoola, you find it, reduce photos, it still takes the studs as we like to say here in these parts..

6. So, you just delete and in your clouded thinking by this time, say to yourself..I will redo the post…later….much later….

7.Then you realize that not only your post went to Blog Heaven, it took the comments too!, somehow that just don’t seem fair!!!baaaawaaaahhhhhh! I am not a victim..I am not a victim….Baaawaaahaaa..

8.Realize the good that came from this:

A. Learned what not to do maybe… time when the sidebar goes south….

B.Sidebar is back…just like the terminator…course, I am kinda feeling like the terminator..

C.Realized that sometimes it is not only good to step back and laugh at yourself for being an idiot..realize it is also good to let the Internet world of blogkingdom or queendom laugh too! 

Please bear with me. My sidebar is on the bottom. I have lost the post ‘Religion of Peace’ as well as several comments on that piece. I will try to repost that one as soon as I can get this dang thing figured out. When I view from the manage section, it looks fine. Suspect it has to do with the split posts and photos. Oh well, it could not have happened to a more tech challenged lady with a blog!! 🙂

It would be so great if wordpress had a button we could click that would just fix instantly what we needed it to fix..example…correct my wouldn’t that be nice?

Think I may have it after many hours…sigh…..I removed some photos and reduced the # of posts per page… The # should not have anything to do with it but it seemed to work so I will wait for another day to increase that…like when I have more patience..

The thing that bothers me the most is losing your wonderful comments on ‘Religion of Peace’ how that got lost is beyond me. Will repost, just wish I could put it in the proper place versus at the top…someday I am gonna be a whiz with this thing.. Talk about self esteem..This post will probably miraculously disappear soon..No sense telling the world that I have an IQ of a monkey, now is it?