Joe Horn and the New Black Panthers

Joe Horn
DECEMBER 03, 2007


GLENN: Now, in Pasadena, just a suburb outside of Houston, there is a guy named Joe Horn. I’ve talked about him on the air before and everything I have heard about Joe Horn is that he’s a decent human being, that he’s a good guy. All of his neighbors say he’s like the grandfather of the neighborhood. There is a law in Houston where a guy can protect his own property. You come onto his property; he can shoot you. Well, a friend said, would you watch my house. He was watching the house. Two guys crawl out of a back window. First he sees him crawl in. He calls the cops and they say, they’re on their way, they’re on their way. Well, the people are inside and he’s on the phone saying, okay, guys, where are they? Come on, where are they? “They’re on their way, sir.” He sees them start getting out of the house and he says, “They’ve got a bag of stuff from my friend’s house. I’m not going to let them get away with it. I’ve got a gun.” And the 911 operator says, “Please, sir, don’t do that, don’t go out and do it, you’ll get yourself killed.” And he said, “I’m not going to get killed; I’ll kill them.” Well, that’s exactly what he did. He went out and killed the two. Now, not even sure if Mr. Horn is going to be charged with anything because it appears what he did was legal. I don’t think it’s necessarily the smart thing to do and I was disturbed, as I told you the first time I heard the 911 call. Do we have that 911 call, Dan, handy? I want to play a little bit of it and then I want to give you the update on what happened over the weekend.

The new Black Panthers came to town in Houston to Joe Horn’s neighborhood and they tried to hold a press conference, but some of the good people in Houston didn’t take too kindly to that and there is new video out that I’m going to send to Chris Brady that you are probably not going to see on mainstream television because they don’t want to show you this stuff unless they make it in a way to where, look at all the white racists coming out against these peaceful peace-loving Black Panthers. They probably haven’t found a way to spin it that way yet, but they will.

Joe Horn Protest Video
This is some AMAZING raw footage of a huge protest in Pasadena…Joe Horn’s neighborhood…the guy who shot the burglars at his neighbors house. Click for the story and video…

So I’m going to put the video up on the website here in just a second at but first let me refresh your memory on the 911 call with Joe Horn.(911 tape playing.).GLENN: There it is. Can you go back to when he says, you hear the shotgun clicking? I’ve wanted to say this for a while and I always keep forgetting. Bring me back to that and listen to the 911 operator. Go ahead. Play it again.(911 tape playing).GLENN: Stop. Does anybody else — does the guy from 911 like, I’m going outside, I don’t know, please, stop. No, don’t do that. Whoa. Slow down. I mean, it’s not like he’s really trying to stop the guy. It’s just like, don’t go outside. You’d think he would have a little bit more passion there.All right, let me go to Pat Gray who does mornings on KSEV, our affiliate in Houston, Texas. Pat.                                                                                                            GRAY: Glenn.GLENN: Pat?GRAY: Again.

GLENN: How are you?

GRAY: I’m good. How are you?

GLENN: Good. I told you the first day this happened, I asked you and you confirmed. Do you see Joe Horn as a rallying point for the disenfranchised in Texas? My theory or my thesis is America needs to pay attention to Texas because Texas is way ahead of the rest of the country.

GRAY: Yes.

GLENN: And as Texas goes, the rest of the country will go.

GRAY: I think we got a taste of that yesterday.

GLENN: Okay. Tell me about it.

GRAY: Well, Quanell X, who is our local Jesse Jackson, showed up in the neighborhood to —

GLENN: How do you mean that? Hang on just a second. How do you mean he’s your local Jesse Jackson?

GRAY: Anytime there is an incident involving a black person, Quanell X is there to start screaming racism. Quanell X is always there to claim that police have tased or shot or did something wrong. Doesn’t matter the racial background of the police or whatever happened with the incident. It’s always something being done against a black person and their benefit, just like Jesse Jackson is. And he was there with his new black party, Black Panther party members and they are always, at least to my experience, heavily armed to the teeth. I’ve had the guy in my studio before and he wouldn’t come in without his bodyguards, you know, like I’m real threatening. He wouldn’t come in without his armed bodyguards. They are always there to intimidate and in fact, sometimes they are carrying shotguns out in the open when they show up at these kinds of events. They weren’t —

GLENN: How is that even — wait a minute. How is that even possible?

GRAY: I don’t know.

GLENN: Hold on just a second. Hold on just a second. Are they police officers?

GRAY: No, no.

GLENN: You know, I don’t know. Maybe they’re sheriffs or something.

GRAY: I just think — you know, maybe it’s something —

GLENN: Hold on. Hold on just a sec. Let me ask Adam because he knows this kind of stuff. Security, if I wanted to hire private security, okay, to carry shotguns out in the open with me everywhere I go, could I get away with that? License, with what kind of license? State — for what? What kind of a license, though? He said they have to be licensed, licensed security by the State of Texas, they would have to have that if Texas even has that. You should look into that, Pat.

GRAY: I will.

GLENN: Find out what kind of law allows — you cannot carry weapons open. That is — I mean, that is a — you know, that’s brandishing a firearm.

GRAY: Well, isn’t that why they call it a concealed weapons permit?


GRAY: You are supposed to conceal it, right?

GLENN: Up in some states like Connecticut, if you even allow the imprint of the gun, if you are carrying a gun and it’s, you know, in your back or on your side or on your person or whatever, if you even see the imprint of the gun, if you can see just a little bit of the outline of the gun, you can actually get nailed for brandishing a firearm.

GRAY: Yeah.

GLENN: Because they say just that is threatening. So check the state laws and find out how exactly he gets away with people brandishing shotguns.

GRAY: Yeah, but just to give you a little background on these guys, they’ve showed up at city council, interrupted city council meetings that have had nothing to do with any sort of racial issue and have demanded reparations for blacks. I mean, this is the stuff that they do all the time. They’ve showed up as city councilmembers who don’t support reparations and protested outside their homes on Sunday afternoons and tried to intimidate. And yesterday they showed up in this neighborhood and tried to intimidate Joe Horn, and they actually announced initially that they were going to do it today because they knew people had jobs and wouldn’t be there. And then they changed it to yesterday for whatever reason and so about 300 to 500 right-thinking Americans showed up to support Joe Horn who —

GLENN: Now, this is in his neighborhood? Is this in front of his house?

GRAY: This is in front of his, right in front of his house.

GLENN: Okay, because it — I see the video and we’re going to post this now on It will be right on the front page of in a few minutes. But we’re posting this video which, it looks like a very nice neighborhood. Let me ask you this question. I have not seen this video anywhere. Is it being shown locally in Houston?

GRAY: No, I got this from listeners who were there. So I haven’t seen it anywhere but my listeners sending it to me.

GLENN: Okay. I see video cameras. I see TV cameras there in the video that I have.

GRAY: Yeah.

GLENN: I see video cameras for TV stations but I have not seen this footage on television anywhere.

GRAY: Well, what they showed on TV was Quanell ranting and raving about, you know, this being a racial issue and that he didn’t — he wasn’t sure it was a racial issue but now he wouldn’t be surprised because of the people who showed up. And from what I’ve heard from people who were actually there, most of them told me that there was no — there were no racial slurs, but I got a contrasting point of view from somebody who was there and who said he stood next to Quanell X for about 30 minutes yesterday and he did hear some racial slurs, which is really unfortunate and really ruins the message because the message was mostly about America. If you hear him chanting, it’s usually USA or maybe “Go home”, you know, to Quanell but they were there to support American rights, and in America and in Texas people, we think, have the right to do what Joe Horn did and we’ll find out more about that tomorrow to see whether the grand jury indicts him or not.


Wow, the video is in its entireity. Not just an edited blip. Consensus seems to be that these Texans are tired of good men standing by and doing nothing about the bad guys..The BP were not expecitng over 100 bikers and neighbors of Joe Horn to be there when they (the Panthers) were going to do a Media Blitz on Joe Horn’s door step. So if you are like me, I did not see this on the Media,IT MAY HAVE BEEN but I  guarantee I would have seen it if the Panthers had had their speech. They could not get on the soap box with so many shouts of USA.  Again, Don’t know enough about Joe Horn, motives not even saying that he was right, but I do know people are fed up!!