Islam and Terroism, submission

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This is Submission

… we have failed to do a doctrine-based threat assessment of the enemy. During the Cold War, constant study of Soviet military doctrine was a continuous duty of all professional soldiers. Knowing vehicle types and numbers in a doctrinal Advance Guard of a Motorized Rifle Regiment was critically important for American Armor officers. The enemy’s military doctrine is the basis for his strategy, operational art, and tactics and must be understood by those who would defeat him.Our leaders have deprived our defenders of this understanding of the IslamoFascist/hirabist/jihadi, prolonging the war at the cost of American lives.

Choosing to ignore the information that lies beneath the surface of such claims is to submit the information that drives decision-making and analysis to the disclosure requirements of Islamic law. This is submission. (more)

Islamic law forms the doctrinal basis for the jihadi threat, from Stephen Collins Coughlin, National Defense Intelligence College, Free Republic, thanks to Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group

From the earliest Islamic legal authorities to modern American 7th grade school texts on Islam, it turns out that all agree that Islam is a complete way of life governed by Islamic law. There was nothing to indicate that there are recognized forms of Islam that are not governed by Islamic law. The national constitutions of most Muslim countries, and all Arab countries surveyed, formally reflect this subordination. All the Islamic authorities identified jihad as a duty incumbent on all Muslims at the communal and individual levels. When the authorities spoke to Islamic law of jihad, its meaning was limited to that of warfare against non-Muslims to establish the religion. Because this finding is in line with Quranic verses from surahs from the later periods of revelation, it reflects abrogation’s doctrinal influence on Islamic law. Because jihad’s legal status reflects scholarly consensus, it means that the rules of jihad as stated in Islamic law are absolute and hence cannot be contravened or annulled.

File this under the WAKE UP AMERICA banner.

“The Bush administration will notify Congress on Monday of its intent to sell $20 billion in weapons, including precision-guided bombs, to Saudi Arabia, moving up the announcement to coincide with the president’s arrival in Riyadh. ” (more) But there’s no reason to worry, because the Israelis are getting SMARTER bombs. Oh yes, the Saudis beheaded an Indonesian maid following the strict interpretation of Islam.

We are in a war against Islamic terror–a profoundly anti-modernist movement. The basis of this anti-modernism? Tribal culture. My sub-group versus your sub-group, my warlord versus your warlord, my self-contained universe determined to eliminate yours. Cooperation? The enemy of my enemy is my friend–until it’s just the two of us left to fight it out for the ultimate victory. (more)

In Iran criminals have their hands and feet cut off, while two others were flogged and thrown off a cliff, under Sharia Law.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards execute a dry run on American naval ships in international waters, and somehow the American Left tries to make it America’s fault.

In London, a teenage Muslim girl who feared a forced marriage was being arranged by her parents was murdered, under Sharia Law. Her parents are prime suspects.

Hundreds of British non-Muslims have been recruited by al-Qaeda to wage war against the West,

As many as 1,500 white Britons are believed to have converted to Islam for the purpose of funding, planning and carrying out surprise terror attacks inside the UK, according to one MI5 source. (more)

In response to the above, reader Michael says the following. I don’t have statistics to back it up:

The United States has far more Muslims than does the UK, both “converts” and those smuggled into the country by the current Administration using “Asylum” and “Refugee” statutes borrowed from the United Nations. As a few of you know, I am one of only a very few individuals to have actually visited and roamed around in, Jihadi camps within the USA. (Yeah, it hurts, but most of those claiming to have done so are pure bullshit artists….fat guys sitting naked in front of their computers…and fantasizing.) If the UK is at risk, then we are at risk ten times over.

Arabs think they have a ‘right’ to return to land that was never theirs to begin with, while they attack innocent children in schools.

All of the above AND there’s the FBI’s covert investigations have been halted because they failed to pay their phone bill. Oh. My. Goodness. Some people want the United States to apologize to the world for … I don’t know, being STRONG, for fighting for our freedoms? Next is the sacking of Stephen Coughlin, the “Pentagon specialist on Islamic Law and Islamist extremism,” which prompted the following article:

The Mold on the Wall (of the Pentagon)

I think that I could more deal with the “in your face” attacks of 9/11, rather than with the insidious fungus/mold that is spreading throughout all levels of our society. Ask the folks who experience mold in their homes. It silently and amorphously spreads, inch by inch, until the homeowner flees.By the time the mold of “Islamist extremism,” finishes the process, we will not be able to flee the US. The other countries will have already been “molded.”

No, I am not bashing folks of the Muslim faith. I would definitely like to bash, and not just figuratively, those folks who, with their and their “aiders” and abettors, want us to convert or die, and are determined to take us back to the 7th century or earlier. They are using, as their very effective weapons, our system of government, our laws, our freedoms, our marketing systems, our First Amendment Rights, our currency (well, maybe now the Euro), our everything…and we are letting them. Mon Dieu! [snip]

I do not want to be part of a means of population control, at the hands of “Islamists extremists,” unwittingly aided and abetted by fellow citizens of mine, ensconced in their well-appointed offices with a view of the city, the same city that could be wiped out because they refused to see the signs that say “mold.”

That is Submission.

It is not just a class of civilizations, it is a class of CULTURES.

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By the way, did you hear about the so called ‘honor killing’ in Texas? A Muslim Radical is believed to have murdered his two teenage daughters. Their crime: they were dressing in a western fashion and had American boyfriends. The mother ran with them on Christmas day, got an apartment in another name….didnt do any good. Daddy’s on the run… Did you hear about it much in the Media?