Cigarette Smuggling Fraud equals Monies to Hamas

By Debbie Schlussel

Last week, I told you about members of the Al-Esawi and Wazwaz families who were convicted of cigarette smuggling and tax fraud of over $2.5 million in Minnesota. (One of them used the alias, “Anthony Stallone.”) Like Hezbo convicts before them, they smuggled ciggies into the Minneapolis area that they bought in another state with little or no cigarette taxes. Then, they pocketed the difference–the exorbitant cigarette taxes that were supposed to go to the State of Minnesota.

As usual, the article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune did not mention that these men were Muslims or Arabs or tied to terrorism. But I figured they were, and when I wrote about this, I asked which terrorist group they were doing this for–Hezbollah or HAMAS? Well, I got my answer.


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