Global Realities= Dangerous Territory with Loss of Checks and Balances

President-Elect Obama Faces a Dangerous World

So much will ride on the new president’s willingness — or refusal — to accept and act upon global realities.


As voters stepped into the polls, they came armed with their opinions, their emotions, their gut feelings, their peer pressure, their community organizers’ suggestions and a variety of other decision-making tools that will never supplant bare-bones knowledge on the issues.

Last time around, it was Diddy warning citizens to “Vote or Die,” but last year a study by the Pew Research Center for The People & The Press nearly gave the world of punditry a collective heart attack. Looking at the survey somberly reminds us that these are the people who voted, volunteered, were perhaps cajoled into registering by an ambitious, compensated town crier with a clipboard.

Only 36 percent of Pew respondents could name Vladimir Putin as the president of Russia — even when he’d been president for nearly eight years. Only two-thirds could name their own state’s governor. Sixty-nine percent could even identify our vice president, even with Dick Cheney’s starring role as the butt of liberal jokes. Just 37 could peg the chief justice of the Supreme Court as leaning conservative, and even fewer respondents, 32 percent, could name Sunni as the Islam branch opposite Shia. And on, and on.

Too many American voters sleepwalk through the world, and yet lined up to pick the next leader of the free world. And now, Barack Obama, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders — a world where many of its inhabitants would like to see a weaker United States so that they can feel stronger themselves, and have won agreement from many on the American left. You have constituents and global onlookers alike who think that the reputation of the U.S. is paramount to doing the right — even if unpopular — thing.

Here are five things you should remember about the world today — and that you should cling to stronger than upper-class citizens’ money:

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Source:Pajamas Media

The trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along..
In politics, stupidity is not a handicap. – Napoleon Bonaparte

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we. – George Bush

George Washington’s: Advice to us

Obama’s Whining…and the Company He Keeps? Try Iranian Agent Imam.

Behold! you talking to me…you talking bout me? Whine..whine…

Did You all note the little rumble between George Bush and Barack Obama over the president’s remarks in Israel last month?

The Company He Keeps: Obama Hangs With Hezbollah’s Iranian Agent Imam

Add Hamas and Hezbollah together and what do you get? Is that a question eh? My mama told me if it quacked like a duck and walked like a duck..well, you got a duck!

By Debbie Schlussel

Barack Obama claims he’s against HAMAS and Hezbollah. So why is he meeting with one of Hezbollah’s most important imams and agents in America, Imam Hassan Qazwini? And why is this open anti-Semite and supporter of Israel’s annihilation getting to discuss “the Arab-Israeli conflict” in a private one-on-one meeting with Obama? What was said? I think we can do the math.

DS has written about Qazwini and his mosque for almost a decade. He is tight with the Government of Iran, and he is an agent of the Iranian government, spreading its propaganda. He was sent to the U.S. by Iran to help radicalize his mosque, the Islamic Center of America, which–at the time–was becoming moderate with women not covering their hair and mixing with men. All that has changed, under Qazwini.



Extremist Imam Hassan Qazwini w/ ObamaAND w/ Hezbollah Spiritual Leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein FadlallahQazwini is very open about his support for Palestinian homcide bombings, HAMAS, and Hezbollah. And he’s a good friend of Hezbollah spiritual leader, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah–the man who issued the fatwa to Hezbollah terrorists to murder over 300 U.S. Marines and U.S. Embassy civilians in cold blood. Qazwini’s mosque has held rallies and celebrations in support of Hezbollah, and many of Hezbollah’s biggest money-launderers and agents in America are his congregants.

When Debbie S. went undercover to his mosque in 1998, he and others welcomed Nation of Islam chief racist Louis Farrakhan as “our dear brother” and “a freedom fighter.” Qazwini applauded Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements saying that Jews were the “forces of Satan” and that there needed to be a “jihad” on the American people.

Above is a photo of Qazwini hanging out with Hezbollah’s Fadlallah–who is on the State Department Terrorist List–in South Lebanon, where he went to visit him and pay tribute. Juxtapose that with the photo of Qazwini and Barack Obama. It says a lot about the company Obama keeps . . . and why he shouldn’t be President:

A Muslim leader from Dearborn met privately with Sen. Barack Obama during his Wednesday visit to Michigan.Imam Hassan Qazwini, head of the Islamic Center of America, said in an email that he met with Obama at Macomb Community College. A mosque spokesman, Eide Alawan, confirmed that the meeting took place. During the meeting, the two discussed the Presidential election, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Iraq war, according to Qazwini.

At the end of the meeting, Qazwini said he gave Obama a copy of new book, “American Crescent,” and invited Obama to visit his center.

The meeting with Obama came about after Qazwini had asked David Bonior, the former U.S. Rep. from Michigan, if he could meet with Obama during his visit. Qazwini was not selected to be part of a group of 20 people who met with Obama, but Qazwini later got a private meeting with Obama, Alawan said.

“They gave him an opportunity for a one-on-one,” Alawan said. . . .

Born in Iraq into a long line of Shi’ite clerics, Qazwini and his family left for Iran to escape persecution under the regime of Saddam Hussein. He later moved to the U.S. and become head of the Dearborn mosque, one of the largest Shi’ite Muslim centers in the U.S.

Um, Saddam wasn’t off the mark regarding Qazwini and his family. They were agents of Iran who were trying to overthrow him on behalf of the Khomeini’ists. And the Islam and form of government Qazwini espouses isn’t different from Saddam Hussein’s killing fields (though it’s far less secular than Saddam was). It’s just that in his view those bloody fields should be dominated by victorious Shi’ites, not Saddam’s Sunnis.

Well, Obama has the support of HAMAS . . . and now, Hezbollah. And we should send him to the White House because . . .?

Jimmy Carter’s Habitat For Hamas


Carter Fights Apartheid and Killer Rabbits

Carter hard at work as Hamas members prepare to launch fireworks in celebration.

After finishing Habitat for Hamsters in San Francisco, President Jimmy Carter went on to start a new Habitat for Hamas project in Gaza, building new homes for families whose homes were destroyed by Israeli bulldozers in retaliation for suicide bombings.Jimmy Carter says he feels “quite at ease” working with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal. I’ve been meeting with Hamas leaders for years, I find them to be peace-loving people, and they are just misunderstood by bigoted Americans. If Israel would dismantle their system of Apartheid, and meet all the demands of Hamas, everyone could live in peace and harmony.

Proud new homeowner Shaul Thabet says,

 “Israelis bulldozed our old home accusing us of using it as a
base for suicide attacks. I am so proud of my husband.
I am happy that Allah has granted him the chance to be
a martyr. Soon our baby son will follow in his footsteps”.

Habitat for Hamas will help with Hamas families housing problem, despite the group’s stated commitment to the violent destruction of the state of Israel, because you can’t always get prerequisites adopted by other people before you even grovel and beg.Habitat for Hamas has shown that building homes does more than put a roof over someone’s head. It also provides them a environment for training, planning, and executing missions.As a world peacemaker Jimmy Carter knows good, honest, well intentioned people when he sees them.

Whether it be Rhodesia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, or North Korea, Jimmy is able to highlight the errors of American foreign policy and show the world that thugs, dictators, despots, and fascists are people too.Please support us in our efforts to legitimize Hamas, they are much more than just a terrorist organization.

Yeah right and I would like to sell you some swampland.

International Sponsors:
These companies have donated their products and services to Habitat for Hamas.

We at CODEPINK strongly believe in Habitat for Hamas’s mission to undermine Bush and America.

AIR-AFAT Heating and Cooling is a palestinian company founded in 1959. Profits are held in a Swiss bank account rainy day fund for the benefit of all Palestinians.

INTIFADA Floor Covering supports Habitat for Hamas, for together we will drive Israel into the sea.

KATUSHAS Power Tools made by the same people who brought you KATUSHAS Rockets.

Source;The Peoples Cube

Obama,Hamas,Christians,Liberty and the Cross

       Have a Blessed Easter weekend.  




Saturday  links day:

Very interesting….worth the read..some links misbehaved

but you will find the articles on WND, if not on their

homepage on the right side. The links sometimes go

straight to article and sometimes not..:)

Since I posted this, in trying to correct the links, noticed

Obama has denied being in church when the Manifesto was

printed..what else is new? Maybe he does not go very often

or maybe he has no idea what his church stands for…or

maybe he has very poor judgement. In any case Obama,

some of the blinders are coming off.

JERUSALEM – Sen. Barack Obama’s Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group’s official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America’s Declaration of Independence.

To which I say..YEAH RIGHT! It is a disgrace to compare such with the American Declaration of Independence!

Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto
Compares charter calling for murder of Jews to Declaration of Independence

Canada What is happening to you? How long

before it comes to America?

In short, this is about a Christian Ministry that can

no longer teach the difference in doctrines of the

Christian faith versus cults, etc: How far is this

going to go? Pretty soon they will be like the

Church in China and how Russia used to be:Tell em

 what to say, when to say and make sure it is

monitored. Punish and torture when you are


CANADA ORDERS Christian Ministry shut down!

 Faith under fire:
Christian school battles discrimination complaint
Suspension over inappropriate behavior leads to claim of racism



 He is Risen

The passion of the Christian
Exclusive: David Kupelian on what it actually means to ‘take up your cross’

Cigarette Smuggling Fraud equals Monies to Hamas

By Debbie Schlussel

Last week, I told you about members of the Al-Esawi and Wazwaz families who were convicted of cigarette smuggling and tax fraud of over $2.5 million in Minnesota. (One of them used the alias, “Anthony Stallone.”) Like Hezbo convicts before them, they smuggled ciggies into the Minneapolis area that they bought in another state with little or no cigarette taxes. Then, they pocketed the difference–the exorbitant cigarette taxes that were supposed to go to the State of Minnesota.

As usual, the article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune did not mention that these men were Muslims or Arabs or tied to terrorism. But I figured they were, and when I wrote about this, I asked which terrorist group they were doing this for–Hezbollah or HAMAS? Well, I got my answer.


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