Smoking Ban

Ban the Ban!

January 9th, 2008

Please stop over and sign my friend, Ryan’s petition to stop the smoking ban in Wisconsin!It doesn’t matter if you smoke or not, this is about property rights and business owners – who have risked their life savings on their investments – being able to allow the use of a legal substance on their private property. Please join with us and fight for private property rights in Wisconsin, and feel free to use the graphic below on your own website.  (All we ask is that you link the image to the petition.)

ban the ban

Gang, first it’s tobacco and transfats, next it will be red meat, perfume, etc, heck, one state is trying to pass a law against cursing in bars..I could not believe that last one I read on the Pro Patria blog. When and where does it stop? Listen, this is not about smoking…this is about your personal freedoms. Trust me, this is only the beginning.

Thanks to PheistyBlog » Blog Archive » Ban the Ban! for photo above.