Blog ID Fun


Thanks to Moonbeam McQueen for this I.D.

The Blogger’s Emergency ID Card

You will want to check her out her supersite.

Now when you are sick, out of the country, depressed or down and out or I am one of the former, we can let our blogging friends know and no worry no morey or something like that.


Hey Whoopee I got some Blog Awards

I loves you all back!bloggersoftheworld.jpgroyalbananaforblogyumminess1.gif

My first Award from a Special ‘Cool Chick’ Mercedes and I am also a Royal Banana..What can I say? Ya either got it or ya don’t.You can find this Super cool chick over at Mercedes’ World Don’t mess with her too much, or she can ‘woof you’ ! Her Bow Wow is love!

Another ‘Special Cool Chick’ that lurves me..I mean who could not lurve me? Look for Darla baby over at Beauty inside &out This gal knows how to pick em… from receipes yum yum to should see some of her ideas and tips…of course, she picked me…he heh!


My sweet friend The Canvas Grey has bestowed upon me these Awesome’ Blog Awards…and to think all this political ‘bad news’ bears I got on here.Wow is all I can say. uh.correction. badnews donkeys and elephants.Now go over to her site to hear some real intelligence…musings..and Special Autism facts we need to know.

Yea..Mercedes gave me the Cheer award too..& the you make my day award!

Thank you so much Shades for giving me this kind blogger award. Visit www.

ya know, I am going to have to start having kinder gentler posts..Cheerful posts…HELP! Where can I find cheer news on the Political Scene? I know..Have Mercedes, Darla and Canvas Grey run for office..OK..Folks..are you on? Let’s get the support band wagon going here. Let’s see..we need..we need..HELP!! 🙂 Love all of you so very very much!

My inspirational  friend Pink Biz presented me with this award…let’s support her for office too. Love ya PB!

It is with great honor that I accept these prestigious awards…I would like to think My Mudder, My fadder, and Al Gore for inventing the Internet and while I am here if I might be so privileged WordPress, for being somewhat user friendly and lest we forget..I will blog for caffeine. Thank ya Thank ya Thank ya very much… Did you get that angle right? You do touchups on the final photo right?


  1. These are hilarious!

    We need some hilarious now and then, right? 🙂

  2. What a hoot! These are great! Thanks for sharing, it gave me some much needed laughter!

    Glad ya liked it. We need laughter, I am so ready for lots.. 🙂

  3. I love it! I have always wondered what would happen to my blog if something were to happen to me! I like the Weekly cleaning list too! Hehe!

    I have had something for you at my place, just not sure if I have told you yet:

    Aw, thank you Mercedes, you are so sweet.. 🙂 I am going to put them on here somewhere.. Take the ID, girlfriend..

  4. Okay Ang, you are right up there with Mercedes with your energy! I can hardly believe the post you did AND put these up in one day. You two are my energy heros!

    Tain’t energy sweetie.. call it boredom lol! went back for my followup with doc today and guess what? still have an infection..guess I let it go too long..hate going to Drs..I am pumped baby with antibiotics…So to save myself..ROFL..I can at least do this..Meanwhile back at the ranch everything is piling up and I do mean pileing up like in big time messes..:)

    Love ya bunches..I be loving my awards..don’t you think I’m sexy in the queen shot above? lol! I especially like the shoes..they be about right as of now.

  5. Congratulations on all of your awards! Your words mean so much to me! Darla beat me to the I love you this much award-lol! Just know I love ya that much too! It seems you might be missing some-I’ll have to double check. Love ya to the moon and back! You are awesome!

    Mad with barklove

    love you bushels and bushels..:)
    Do ya like my throne and shoes, how about the crown? ROFL!

  6. I too honored you with the You Cheer Me Up Award on March 14-woohoo!

    I am honored to accept this award.. I must say in retrospect that one that come here to this blog and give me this great award..has to be one of the sweetest people in the universe. Yes,
    I appreciate you Mer for your thoughtfullness, your kindness, your big ole heart and I wish I could go back to Kindergarten and be in your class. Any openings?
    Much love
    Big Hugs Bow Wow!

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