Soylent Green Rising: E.U.Eugenics

Hat tip to  Aurora of the Midnight Sun
Soylent GreenAn excellent blogger I’ve recently come across is Road Sassy. She’s hard hitting and cuts right to the chase. On so many issues she thinks so much like me it’s uncanny. I can’t think of one word to add to this post. She compares current legislative changes going on in utilitarian Europe with the eugenics nightmare portrayed in cult classic, Soylent Green (one of my all-time favorite movies).  Her commentary is brilliant: ( above by Aurora.)

Luxembourg parliament adopted a law late on Tuesday to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide.
This added the Grand Duchy to a small group of countries that allow the terminally ill to end their lives.
The law, expected to come into force towards the summer, was passed by 30 votes to 26. Luxembourg’s media said it was a symbolic defeat for Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker whose Christian Social Party opposed it.
“The Christian Social Party and the Catholic church were against the euthanasia law, calling it murder but we said no, it’s just another way to go,” said Jean Huss, a member of parliament of the Green Party and co-sponsor of the bill.
Luxembourg adopts euthanasia law

Baby killers basically got a two-for-one when they won the right to murder the fruits of their indiscretions . Once the high priestess of Abortion sweet talked her way into the sanctuary, her twisted sister, Euthanasia, sashayed on in right behind her. Predictable. And absolutely chilling when you understand the import of the government dispensing your health care. How expendable are you?

For those too young to have seen the movie Soylent Green, (trailer above) I suggest you rent it. If you vote socialism in (Obama or Hillary), not only will your wealth be redistributed, eventually, so will portions of your body. After all, who wants to waste all that protein? (See the movie if you don’t get it)

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