Obama’s Racist Anti American Pastor,

 Updated for those who could not see the video I have linked it to right truth below:

 This is Barack Hussein Obama’s religious and spiritual mentor. Is this the kind of racist mentor whose President mentee you want or can bear in the White House? 

click  the Video below at Righttruth 

Obama’s Racist Pastor: God Damn AmeriKKKa

Imagine sitting in a church, being a member of a church for over 20 years where true Racist remarks are made, hater of our government, accusing the U.S. of 911. and read Obama’s justification below,  Remember he married Obama and Michelle, Baptised their daughters so the guy must like what he has to say and he has said on the record that he found that church to be comfortable and felt at home there.  Would you stay in a church like this? Be sure to catch the video, You can find it on ZTruth plus several other videos that are quite enlightening.

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