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 Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

We stand with Israel and their right to exist!


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 It seems the world is applying pressure on Israel. It would be nice if they would apply some pressure that would stick to the Radical Islamists! Who is the agressor here? Read the post below but first see if the protesters that are planning rallys against Israel are coming to a city near you. If so, try to go and show your support for the tiny tiny nation that God gave the Jewish people.God has told us to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and while we pray, it would be good to put the prayers in action..America must not abandon Israel!

From Stand with Israel,


This coming week there will be rallies against Israel, planned in a variety of cities.
You can help by printing the signs below at your local Fed Ex/Kinkos, and showing up with friends to stand across the street from the anti-Israel rally.
Dont forget to bring your Israeli and American flags.
When you do this, you will attract half the media attention, so that there will be two sides represented in your community. You will also be letting the anti-Israel groups know that when they plan these things, the pro-Israel local community will be there with alternative messages.
Thank you for standing up for Israel during these challenging times.
StandWithUs Staff
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LIST OF RALLIES PLANNED:  (This is the list that we received on 1/23)
-Washington DC: Friday, Jan. 25 (time tba), at the Israeli Embassy,
3514 International Dr. N.W.-San Francisco, CA: Friday, Jan. 25, 4-6 p.m., Israeli Consulate, 456 Montgomery St. (near California)

-Anaheim, CA: Saturday, Jan. 26, 1 p.m. 512 S. Brookhurst St.
(Between Orange Ave. & Broadway)

-New York, NY: Saturday, Jan. 26, 1 p.m., at the Israeli Embassy, 43rd St. and 2nd Ave.

-Chicago, IL: Tues., Jan. 29, 5pm at the Lakeshore Theater, 3175 North Broadway

-Seattle, WA: Friday, January 25, 4 p.m., Westlake Park, 4th & PineSt.

-Philadelphia, PA: Saturday, January 26 (time tba)

-Boston, MA: Thursday January 24, (time tba). Israeli Consulate, Park Plaza Hotel.

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BlockadeAll over the news sources, the Left are flailing their arms over Israel’s blockading of Gaza in an attempt to get them to stop firing rockets across the border at Negev. Of course those angelic Palestinians are suffering in silence:

What kind of idiots fire missiles at people trying to bring them deliveries of much needed fuel? Apparently Palestinians do! Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired five Kassam rockets at the western Negev on Tuesday morning as Israel began its first fuel delivery into the Strip since it imposed a blockade on the territory in response to the incessant rocket attacks.

One of the rockets hit a western Negev kibbutz, two landed at the entrance to Sderot and two hit open areas outside the town. No one was wounded and no damage was reported.Five Israeli tanker trucks parked at the Nahal Oz crossing on the Gaza border pumped 700,000 liters of fuel to the other side, enough to provide electricity to Gaza City for two days. Three more trucks delivered cooking gas, and a shipment of medicine was to be delivered later in the day.

In all, Israel has promised three fuel deliveries over three days, for a total of 2.2 million liters, enough to keep the power plant running for a week, said Kanan Obeid, head of Gaza’s energy authority.

And then we get headlines like this: Gazans face humanitarian catastrophe as life under Israeli siege deteriorates and ‘The neoconservatives, a cabal of mostly Jewish intellectuals linked to Israel’s right-wing Likud, believe the United States should defend Israel at all costs.’ and It’s All Israel’s Fault.”

Then there’s this:

In what amounts to a breath of fresh air coming from an Arab point of view, an editor for Al-Arabiya, writing the in British Ashark Al-Aswat, is saying what is unthinkable among many in liberal and Islamist circles – HAMAS is responsible for the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza because they won’t stop the firing of rockets into Israel:

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And by the way, in case you think the leftist media are representative of the average person in the street, you should take a look at these comments at the BBC site. I guess not everybody is being fooled by the media spin on things.

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