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Brain Candy

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Angie Paraphrasing the news

Bhutto, who recently returned to Pakistan from her self exile and a deal with the reigning General Musharraf regime is all over the news and press. Ms Bhutto is a strange one to speak favorably toward democracy, legality and constitutions. She is now against the good ole General that as named above made a deal with her. Can’t help but wonder if it is because he oversaw an amendment to Pakistan’s constitution that would prevent Prime Ministers from serving more than two terms…Oh my, that would disqualify her immediately from holding that office again. So what does a girl do? for mass demonstrations, vilify Musharraff, seek to amend the Constitution to serve her interests.

She has been called “one of the most incompetent leaders in the history of South Asia” by Arthur Herman, a U.S. historian. We could go on and on about the corruption of her regime, it has been said that she oversaw one of the most corrupt regimes in that nation’s history and really, this is a nation where corruption is part of daily life. Bhutto and her husband still face allegations of theft concerning hundreds of millions of dollars of “commissions” on government contracts and tenders. I am going to leave it here, you can find tons of information on Bhutto from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, among others. One Kos Blogger notes her record and the connection with Mark Penn, Senator Clintons chief strategist and pollster has forged with the front runner for Democratic candidate. Strange bedfellows….

Pakistan is of extreme importance to to all of us. We can only hope that it will be a stable country for the world. As for now as we all have read, Musharraf has imposed Martial law.

More quick brain candy, the Writers guild and stage hands are engaging in mediation with their employer counterparts. With that news, I must confess I don’t understand why they do not get pretty much what they want. Surely they realize that without the aforementioned there can be no content, to which I say ‘give them the money honey’! Some things are just ‘no brainers’.

How about the Democrat debate? Just wish there had been more questions for them. Did enjoy listening to it. Most of the press says Hillary won,  Edwards got weaker, Obama flubbed. Hillary just said no this time to granting drivers license to illegals. Biden had humor, Dodd stayed true to form. What’s that other guys name? He didn’t pander to the right that’s for sure. Or the middle for that matter, in fact he probably (what’s his name) only got the attention of the extreme left..surely no way to win a nomination.  Just saying.

The Republican contenders (some) are fixating on illegals and the border.

My take on all of the contenders, Democrat and Republican, are there no statesmen left? I feel all of them will say and/or do anything if they feel it will get the vote. I have nothing against lawyers, we gotta have them. Could be and is an honorable profession, but have you not noticed all are either lawyers or former lawyers? I do have tremendous respect for John McCain, at least he has earned the right to his views and I haven’t seen him being wishy washy…. Just saying…….

Let’s not forget how our troops were treated in Washington State this week by Anti War Protesters: concrete poured over the tracks, yada yada, they were just trying to get home from the war. By the way, they are the ones that fight for our right to protest. I say, go protest somewhere else, leave the vets alone. You did the same thing last year when they were trying to go, I am sure you left them with a good frame of mind before they left. They were just trying to get home this time. As far as I am concerned, you rate up there with the ones that protest the funerals of the fallen. Need I say more?

Of course, you got the Cop whose 4th wife is missing, his third wife has been exhumed to findings of Homicide.

Then the 13 year old little girl prone to depression from O’Fallon Illinois that committed suicide after an adult neighbor posed as a teen boy, befriended her on My Space and then dissed her on public boards.  Deeply saddened to think an adult would behave in such a manner or anyone for that matter. Tragedy for all.

How about the brain candy this week with Barry Bonds? If he did take enhancement drugs, my take is he would have been much better off fessing up!  My take on all the athletes taking such enhancements is just this: You cannot be compared to the Hank Aarons of the world. It would be like comparing apples to oranges, Just saying….

Would love to hear your take on the weeks happenings.