Founding Fathers on the Right to Bear Arms


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 I thought Glenn Beck had some interesting things to say about our founding fathers words on the right to bear arms.

Our Founding Fathers were wise. Wish I could say the same for our leaders today. Wish I could say that we had a public school system to be proud of. Wish I could say that our children and all peoples were reasonably safe today.


From GlennBeck

 The problem with schooling, public schooling is they are not teaching the truth anymore and our law schools are not even teaching the truth anymore. They are teaching case study. They are not teaching founding principles, what our founding fathers said. There wouldn’t be an argument on anything, gun rights, there wouldn’t be an argument. You know, they had this conversation, about common, what does it mean. Here’s what you do. You go back and look at the words of our founding fathers. What did they say? May I quote the founding fathers. We’re going to send these out, we’ll give you all the sources and everything else. But let me quote the founding fathers and what they said about gun rights. You tell me. If you’ve ever learned this in school and if there’s any doubt in your mind what the intent was of the founding fathers.

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