The Real Obama/PC Speech/Libel Soft Jihad/Ayers

My friends, there is such controversy going on now about Obama and the Clinton Camp..Obama’s supporters are (as I shared yesterday) flooding ABC with objections to ‘their unfair questions of Obama’ due to a lot of encouragement from George Soros of and all his Mega Bucks.. He is another I said yesterday, he has left behind ruin in other countries due to his market manipulation..He fully supports Obama as do other questionable sources.. There are some links out there today that I would like to share with you this weekend. Links authors and sources are listed. 


Hat tip to all the contributors

I found Part 1 and Part 2 of the Real Obama story that covers some new ground.. 

Another great link from Wordforit and Radarsite shows how the Muslim Takeover of the West works..very interesting..

 Libel Tourism Soft Jihad is a video that shows how they use our democratic systems to wage another kind of war with those of us in the West that value our free speech

PC speech Police ‘Gotcha Politics’ is another article showing our madness and how ridiculous we have become in order ‘not to offend’.

The last link shows how ‘with a little help’ the Bill Ayers story is being swept under the rug.

The Real Obama Story Exposed! Part I

by JB Williams (author site)


PartII (NBU link)

Other than the honor of holding the most far left voting record in the U.S. Senate
 as a freshman law maker and former black activist from Chicago who has
spent the last twenty years supporting the anti-American, anti-white hate
sermons of Rev. Wright, we know very little about Barrack Hussein Obama… until now!
Agent of Change

The Real Obama Story Exposed! Part II


by JB Williams (author site)



Part I of this series(1) focused on the connections between Barack Obama, his heavy handed socialist cousin in Kenya and Obama’s roll in helping him come to power by way of violence. It covers information posed by an American missionary working in Africa and the African version of who Barack Obama really is…

 In closing, I raised the question, where is all that Obama money coming from, since it can’t be coming from the “poor” Americans he claims to represent, and his campaign web site asks what country his donors are from, indicating that they may not be from America.

In Part II, I want to take a closer look at Obama’s international support, their idea of “change” and what roll the international community expects Obama to play in serving their agendas in the world.

Who’s Agent of Change?



The Muslim Takeover of the West: How it Works

Source: Reuters

Original source: RadarSite

Note from Radarsite: For anyone who may still have lingering doubts about the real danger of the Muslim onslaught of the West, this may be the most revealing analysis of the threat of the Islamic Jihad that you will ever read. The reasoning is impeccable and the conclusions reached are both obvious and startling.

“Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel.” — Leon Uris, “The Haj”


Libel Tourism: The Soft Jihad

If you think the only weapons of jihadis are guns and bombs, you’re wrong. They’re already using lawsuits to push Sharia law and silence free speech.

The PC Speech Police and ‘Gotcha Politics’

Candidates have dispatched the speech police to seek out infractions by their opponents. Good thing no one has used the word “niggardly.”
Bill Ayers (The Weather Undergound

Here’s a better analogy for Bill Ayers than Tom Coburn: Eric Rudolph.