Secret IRS Deal with Scientology?


Info sought on secret IRS deal

 with Scientology

‘Position represents unconstitutional favoritism of one religious group over another’

Well folks, we got a few influential  Californians trying to take away some parental rights (see previous post) and impose “THE RIGHTS OF A FEW”  Over your rights. Now we have some questionable favoritism shining on a cult (jmho) to give the cult some tax breaks…..But notice there are no breaks for christians or judaism. Wow…imagine that!!


A federal appeals court is being asked to tell the Internal Revenue Service to open up a secret deal with the Church of Scientology that reportedly allows members to deduct certain educational, or “auditing,” expenses, a benefit denied members of other faiths in the United States.The report comes from the American Bar Association Journal, which outlined the situation involving a case pending before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California.The appellants in the case at hand, in which a decision hasn’t been released yet, Michael and Marla Sklar, are Orthodox Jews who took deductions for some of the private religious school tuition they paid for their children, the report said, as well as after-school classes in Jewish law.

The IRS disallowed the deductions multiple times, and a first case was closed, even though “the agency meanwhile reportedly has allowed members of the Church of Scientology, under a 1993 settlement agreement, to take substantial deductions for ‘religious training and services.’Continue reading