Our Constitution should be protected as well as our Bill of Rights at all costs.

Particularly fond of the 1st and 2nd Amendment

Low taxes

Business needs a greater incentive to employ here in the USA and pay their workers well for their labor and skills. We cannot continue to be a great Nation with opportunity when they continually go overseas and Americans need the opportunity to earn a living wage.

English should be recognized as our National Language and as such, a requirement for the good ofall that want to take advantage of our opportunities.

Strong National Security

Strong Border Defense

Against Government Bailouts of banks and Institutions

Term Limits should be the norm,

Energy Independent of all Foreign Oil..we should be self sufficient using all our resources with the exception of our grains that will and is needed for the food supply.

Fair Elections (NO ACORN that supports one party with tax payer monies-DUH?) with a limit on spending for is ridiculous how all parties SPEND way TOO much to get the vote. There should be an equal amount for each candidate. Period! Declare a reasonable amount and they cannot go over that set amount.

Each Candidate that wants to represent us, whether it be Congress, Senate or the Presidency should be able to pass a National Security Check and Investigation.

The Media needs an overhaul. They have become a joke. They need to treat men the same as female candidates. Same questions..same attitude..if you prefer someone, don’t show it as Chris Matthews did when he said ‘he got a chill down his thigh.’ Stupid! Need to call out the GHOST BUSTERS OR CHILL BUSTERS!

Need to make sure that we always have checks and balances in the Government

Supreme Court Judges appointed for life?..they need reality checks now and then.

Civics and Patriotism need to be taught in school

History should be taught without distortions

Education should be stressed with better prepared, better paid teachers. I strongly believe children need to learn basics first, reading writing and arithmetic, (Not ridiculous trans gender sexual Β  education.) to be equipped to compete. Perhaps our teachers need Security checks too as they have in their care our most precious commodity.The tendency of public school administrators to substitute politically motivated policies and practices for sound principles of education is, perhaps, the major reason the quality of American schools have declined so much

It should be illegal for foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia to donate monies to our Universities in return for their Selection of the Professor to teach Middle Eastern Studies.

Our Military should be paid more as well as our law enforcement.

Overall, Think our country is going to H*** in a hand basket.

less Government interference in our lives is the best Government.

Enjoy: Reading History, biographies. Music..favorites are Jazz, Blues and that old time Rock and Roll. Attempting to learn something new..which rather hurts my little brain. Technology is quite a challenge.

There is a whole lot more, of course, this will do for now. Will add more when I feel it is necessary.There is such a thing as a little TMI.

Comments are welcomed. I believe strongly in free speech. Be forewarned, if you are insulting and abusive you will be Busted. Deleted. It will not be tolerated. So feel free to express yourself in a respectful manner, especially toward other commenters.


  1. Cool-you were a Kindergarten Teacher. What happened? If I may ask? This year is the test year for me-unbelievable! And it is only going to get worse-I believe! Love your blog! Can’t stay away right now-lol.


  2. Yep, It was great for awhile, then had my own little girl, got sidetracked. lol!

    Small town, no positions open when ready unless traveled farther than wanted to.Could say I just never knew what I wanted to be when I grew!

    I bet you are and will be an awesome teacher.

    Thanks so much,

  3. Just returning the visit… you said you were new to blogging so I will keep any eye on you and chastise you something fierce should you get out of line…:)

  4. Thanks TRM, Will hold you to that, although I must warn you, it has been noted that I do get out of line from time to time. lol!

  5. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting out of line from time to time πŸ˜‰ it keeps things interesting.

    I’m glad to have stumbled onto your blog here!

    It’s a good thing, arclightzero as it happens more often than most would like.:)
    Glad you stumbled here. I be kinda liking yours too! :)!

  6. So glad “we” (us former PTin believers) found YOU…or did you find us? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Well, either way, it all turned out awesome! Glad you gave us a chance. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, glad to meet ya, either way, FFPT. πŸ™‚

  7. I don’t remember if I’ve told you yet, but I really like the Christmas theme! Very festive, and totally politically incorrect πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. It is great though.

    Thank you, I thought the same thing. Especially the Politically incorrect part..LOL!
    Did I ever tell you, I like your attitude?

  8. I see you figured out how to organize your blog roll!

    Uh, not exactly but headed in that direction…now if I could just get more time..LOL!:)

  9. Happy New Year! I tagged you for another MEME thing. This one is NON-Resolutions. Check out my blog for details. πŸ™‚

    Will do just as soon as I can. Got a lot going on until Next week, then I shall be back posting away my frustrations..:)

  10. Angie~There is something for you on my blog!


  11. I got news for ya! I will post about it later, but wanted to tell you first. E-mail me.

    Great! will do.

  12. I’m lovin’ the new header picture you’ve got up there! πŸ˜€

    Thanks, having a hard time finding myself..LOL!

  13. That’s OK. I was changing my header almost daily not too long ago. I finally settled for an image I could live with! πŸ˜†

    I hear ya, I Sometimes think I just get bored with same look, dunno, glad you can relate.:)!

  14. Yeah~what Free said: Who found who? Doesn’t matter~just glad we did!

    You’ve been tagged. Check my blog for details!
    Tag~you’re it!

    me too, meow!

  15. Tuffy is so much easier to relate too-LOL! Much easier to understand-hehe! Thanks for visiting! WOOF!

    Who will be his running mate? Patch? why not? A VP in the family would be great, just member your friends when you visit the ‘House’. LOL! πŸ™‚

  16. No. Rusty over at Chasing Squirrels With Rusty is Tuffy’s running mate. When I saw ‘House’~I immediately thought of “The Dog House”. ROFL!

    Surely we can get him a position, maybe secretary of state? No, purposely didnt say dog house..after all,
    this is patch we are talking bout! lol! πŸ™‚

  17. Just wanted to pop in and say HI! LOVE that new photo up there at the top. Gorgeous! πŸ™‚

    Been wanting to ask if you are going to CC this year? Which one? You can email me:

    Thanks, Yes, me is…emailed ya, did ya get it? let me know..may have to use another server.
    Hugs to ya

  18. Hey, no, I didn’t get your email. I checked my spam, too, and didn’t see it. Try again, please! πŸ˜€ Thanks!

    I will again this weekend girl.

  19. Thinking of you, missing you, hope you are well! Hugs, Debi

    Thanks friend, Missed you too. I am now beginning to think I am going to live..Ha ha,
    I have been very yucky..I am about 3/4 of the way back. So I will be over as soon as I can.

  20. Hi Ang, quickie to let you know I’m thinking about you and appreciate your prayers and I’m sending them right back at ya!!!!! hugs deb

    Thanks Deb, I certainly have needed them. I do appreciate it more than you know. Hope things are better on your end..
    Lots of hugs

  21. Hi Angie…
    I hope things are alright on your end…
    ‘prayers are sent your way…

    Thank you so much, I have needed them. Just had a pretty bad flare up so I will probably only post 2-3 times a week. I have missed everyone.
    Love and hugs

  22. I could not find an e-mail address to e-mail you. I’m new to this and only have been doing it since April. Send me an e-mail.
    Bob A.

  23. love and hugs

  24. Hi, Angie.

    I was wondering if you could check out my about page and look at the recent comments. I commented on a wordpress site called Proud Atheists. I am enlisting your help if you can give it…

    By the way, I am almost done with school and am going to be investing my down time to the upcoming senate and congress elections. Should be fun!

    from the mind of….

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