Cigarette Smuggling Fraud equals Monies to Hamas

By Debbie Schlussel

Last week, I told you about members of the Al-Esawi and Wazwaz families who were convicted of cigarette smuggling and tax fraud of over $2.5 million in Minnesota. (One of them used the alias, “Anthony Stallone.”) Like Hezbo convicts before them, they smuggled ciggies into the Minneapolis area that they bought in another state with little or no cigarette taxes. Then, they pocketed the difference–the exorbitant cigarette taxes that were supposed to go to the State of Minnesota.

As usual, the article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune did not mention that these men were Muslims or Arabs or tied to terrorism. But I figured they were, and when I wrote about this, I asked which terrorist group they were doing this for–Hezbollah or HAMAS? Well, I got my answer.


Adel Wazwaz a/k/a Adel Salem:HAMAS Poet Has Cigarette Smuggling Family in MinnesotaMy intelligence sources in the region inform me that the Al-Esawi and Wazwaz families are related by marriage and made up of Palestinians active at some of the highest levels of HAMAS, some of whom moved to Minnesota. One of them is even a Palestinian terrorist “poet,” Adel Wazwaz a/k/a Adel Salem. He appears to the same Adel Salem who was convicted in the cigarette tax fraud. And for certain, his close relatives were the ones I wrote about who were indicted, convicted, and sentenced, sadly to only about two years (which means they’ll do far less. Here’s what one of my sources told me about Adel Wazwaz/Salem:

Adel Mohammad Wazwaz, a poet who wrote a lot of poetry and books in support of the Palestinian cause lives in Minnesota. Adel Wazwaz, whose full name is Adel Mohammad Abd Al-Ruhman Ali Hasan Salem Wazwaz, also sometimes goes by the name Adel Salem. I am sure the money from the cigarette scam went to support terror groups like HAMAS and offshoots of it.Wazwaz was in Jerusalem and came to the U.S. with his parents in 1976. He studied here and was traveling back and forth to Jerusalem. He was arrested twice by the IDF in 1985 and served 29 months in Beer Sheva and Nafha prisons for his support and activities with the Palestinian terror groups. After his release and in 1987, he was put under house arrest for six months on the condition to report daily to a police station. His books and poetry, some of which he wrote in prison, are great inspiration for the Palestinian terrorists. He published some books in Beirut and his writing is published in Palestinian papers on the net. He came back to the U.S. permanently in 1989.

How the heck does that happen? Get out of Israeli prison after terrorist activity, get welcomed to the U.S. The deafness, dumbness, and blindness of our country continues to be jaw-dropping.

The Al-Esawi family is originally from what they call “Palestine,” but are spread throughout the Arab world with the surname Wazwaz.The Wazwaz family lives in what they call “the West Bank,” in the Hebron/Jerusalem area/Khorbet Kelkas which is east of the Drom Har settlement, ie., in the area of Judea and Samaria.

Yup, and they’ve long since invaded our country. Splendid.

**** UPDATE, 03/13/08: Check out Adel Salem’s biography (in Arabic). He wrote a book in 2006, called, “For the Eyes of the Green Card.” Hello . . . ? It was published in Beirut.

Also, check out this aerial map of houses of the Wazwaz family in Hebron (they’re calling it “Al Khalil”), not far from the Palestinian Polytechnic University, a/k/a “HAMAS U”–a hotbed of HAMAS members, activity, and recruitment.

Well, is this not grand?



  1. Good thing they caught him, and given that Israel has just done pounding them, it’s 2.5 million Hamas will have to make do without. Does make your immigration laws a bit of a joke though, would be good if he could be facing deportation after serving his sentence, if there is one that is.

    Yeah, our immigration laws suck all right! Deportation? Shame on you MK, for dare making such a suggestion..Don’t ya know they be coming after ya? If there is one is right on.

  2. Angie, to be honest, I don’t think it’s about the immigration dept being ‘deaf, dumb or blind’. There is a deliberate mandate from the U.N. I accessed the wording of it last week and added parts into a post. They want these people brought in. They know people like us will resist and they’ve already come up with strategies for dealing with us. What’s more, they don’t want them integrated. In Europe, you can be taken to court for setting up assimilation programs. Why? Because a divided nation is a conquered nation, basically and it bodes well for their position of power and ability to override the concerns of the people as they set about to ‘make history’ in politics. What kind of history is the next question.

    I agree there is a mandate from the U.N. It just makes me crazy! Strategies for dealing with us? Anything you know that I don’t know? I am sure they have just like to have my ducks in a row…. Right now it seems like a long rowwwww.
    Our nation is certainly becoming divided. Yes, just keep overriding the concerns of the people as they make ‘history.
    We may not want to know what kind of history.

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