I found this to be very disturbing if not downright depressing..not to mention Insane! I decided to reprint just as I found it. Aurora of Midnight Sun posted this ..please read it all and most especially look at the comments..Zee at Road Sassy: below is quite the investigator..My question is as others..if something like this comes to pass..what kind of sympathy will they have toward our American citizens? Please go over and read the whole thing and comment section on Aurora’s site.

Samson and DelilahThe heart and soul of the American military has been its patriotism and love of fellow Americans. Under Obama a fundamental shift may be under way. From Zee at Road Sassy:

Touted as what is destined to be history’s president of firsts, Senator Barack Obama could be the first Commander in Chief to oversee a military force with foreign recruits?

Ugandans, who want a career in the United States military, can sign up at the annual convention of the Uganda North American Association (UNAA), scheduled to run between August 29 and August 31.

When Democrats took control of Congress, they promised to make increasing the size of the military one of their top legislative priorities in 2007.

In all fairness, the recruitment process has already been taking some unconventional turns lately as the Dearborn military recruitment center turns to recruiting non-citizen Muslims (June, 2008): Read the rest of this entry »

Now be sure to go to Aurora’s for the comment section..This is her full link below. Thanks Aurora and Zee for this information.


Since we posted on the bloggers being locked out for awhile due to ‘dirty tricks’ exercised on their blogs to make them appear as spam..thought I would bring you some info from other blogs. From this blog and the ones above and below…we should definitely have more than enough information to make informed decisions.
The site below has just about everything you always wanted to know about Obama on one page..

Dr. Sowell’s article: This one covers his Birth Certificate question..


Chicago Ray

Interesting Timeline of his young career.

I heard about this guffaw on the radio and wondered later why it had not been ‘made fun’ of since it was such a big deal over the spelling ‘potato’ once upon a time. We all get tired and mess up, but this is an interesting little tidbit..find out where there are 57 states..kinda odd?

This one is about the chosen one’s seal.