Will Soros Money Determine Election Results? Will Racism Be an Issue?


John McCain must be wondering where it all went wrong. Way back in 2001, the Senator joined with ultra-liberal Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold in championing the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which was supposed to get the fat cats out of the election process. President Bush signed the legislation into law and it has become forever known as the “McCain-Feingold Act.”

Apparently, John McCain resented wealthy Americans gaining influence by giving politicians big dollars to finance their campaigns. He felt that gave unfair advantages to corporations and rich people. So the new law limited those campaign contributions, supposedly “empowering” the regular folks.

Enter radical left-wing billionaire George Soros, who quickly drilled a number of loopholes into the law. Realizing organizations could pour unlimited amounts of cash into the political process if they didn’t “endorse” a certain candidate, Soros and his far left guys set up MoveOn.org and other so-called “527 organizations” to wreak havoc during voting season.

Under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, a political organization can get tax-exempt status and spend unlimited money if it champions causes rather than specific candidates. You can’t use money to promote a “Vote for Hillary” theme; however, you can buy TV time saying Hillary is a bad woman, you can opine that McCain and the Iraq war are evil, and you can put forth that Obama hangs out with a nasty preacher.

Get the ruse? The money cannot be used to tell the folks whom to vote for, but it can be spent to demonize a candidate on the “issues.”

So now we learn that Soros and his merry band have put together a number of 527’s that will pony up an astounding $350 million for “issue” ads in the upcoming presidential campaign. That means much of that money will be used to pound John McCain into pudding.

So karma has visited Senator McCain. His vision of the folks controlling election funding is in tatters. Now, radical guys like Soros hold a tremendous amount of power, while regular Americans are limited in what they can contribute. Back in 2001, some astute political people warned John McCain that the zealots would reap the rewards of his legislation, but he didn’t listen.

There is no question that a war chest of $350 million can do a lot of damage to any person or cause, especially when there’s no honesty involved, as these ideologues can say just about anything. The print and TV ads will be relentless —everything McCain stands for will be hammered. After Soros gets through with him, uninformed voters will think Genghis Khan is running on the Republican ticket.

In theory, Senator McCain tried to do the right thing with campaign finance reform—he wanted to limit the corrupting electoral power of overwhelming wealth. But Soros outsmarted him.

Now, McCain’s got a $350 million steamroller coming at him, reminding all of us of an old adage: “Be careful what you wish for.”



Well, Barack Obama should be one happy guy. His big victory in North Carolina has pretty much locked up the Democratic presidential nomination. Now, it is virtually impossible for Hillary Clinton to defeat him in the popular vote or in the elected delegate category.

Thus, Obama has the nomination won, unless another Reverend Wright crawls into the picture. Another Ayers, Another associate on trial for fraud, Michelle saying America is still mean and she is not proud of America until Obama ran, Another communist mentor, another another ..Obama taking the Muslim name of Barack versus Barry that he was called for years.. Forget the Hussein… Heck let’s just forget the issues folks, He is for everything This blogger is against.. He is a Junior Senator elected for the first time in office in 04…that’s a lot of experience..yeah right! Spinners who talk about re-votes in Florida and Michigan are dreaming; that will not happen. The Obama campaign would be foolish to participate. They played by the Democratic party’s rules and won. They’re not going to sanction do-overs. However, I heard today that they might be open to a deal..to keep from a big scene at the convention and to win the Hillary supporters support. btw, If the Democratic party went by the same rules as the Republicans, Hillary would have won.  I think they changed the rules in the 70’s with George McGovern.

Also, as Al Sharpton told Bill O, any kind of superdelegate shenanigans will lead to massive demonstrations at the Democratic Convention in Denver which, of course, would be disastrous for the party.

Yeah, Sharpton lead your people to have a riot if you all are not happy and never mind the destruction and havoc you play with the innocent.

So, Obama seems to be in.

Now comes the hard part—convincing Americans that he is the best choice for president without all hell breaking loose on the race front.

Racism an issue in the election?

Thanks partly to Reverend Wright’s now immortal “the USA of KKK” remark, the race factor has emerged big time in this election. If you don’t believe me, just look at the vote in North Carolina and Indiana.

About 60 percent of whites voted for Hillary Clinton, as opposed to an astounding 90% of African-Americans pulling the lever for Obama. And working-class whites went even bigger for Clinton. No question there is a race divide.

Accepting that, Senator Obama has two basic problems in the race arena. First, militant blacks reinforce negativity on race, and these nuts just keep popping up. In addition to Wright, a black Philadelphia preacher, Derick Wilson, wrote in the Philadelphia Daily News that Barack Obama is a “house negro” for not supporting Wright.

Of course, that is insane, and a responsible newspaper would not have printed the lunacy. But in this hyper-partisan country, race-baiters will find a forum, and every time stuff like that gets exposure, racial animus comes back.

Obama’s second dilemma is convincing skeptical white voters that he and his wife are sympathetic to their concerns. Let’s be honest—few white Americans would tolerate a Reverend Wright for five minutes, much less 20 years. And Obama’s comments in San Francisco about blue collars seeking refuge in guns and church hurt him badly.

So, the Senator must clarify his philosophy without belaboring the issue. Even with his verbal eloquence, that will not be easy.

I do not expect Obama or Senator McCain to dwell on race, but, surely, some of their surrogates and the media will exploit the issue to the fullest. Any kind of perceived racial comment will be splashed all over the place.

That, of course, will be bad for the country and bad for the candidates. But it’s coming. No question.

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