Obama Video That Could Cost Him This Election If Known

Be Informed and pass it around.

Kenyan insiders say Obama was part of takeover strategy. Odinga is Obama’s cousin. Seems it runs in the family to want to lead the country. As I understand it, Obama went there using taxpayer money. Many deaths were the direct result of the violence that ensued, women and children burned to death in church. Listen to the video carefully. See and hear.

Obama’s involvement amounted to a coordination with Odinga on the campaign, according to the sources.

The general tone of the strategy was to encourage the Odinga campaign to claim to be leading in the presidential race regardless of the actual numbers and be prepared to proclaim victory even if Odinga lost.

memorandum documenting that Obama arranged for Odinga to receive in his U.S. trips nearly $1 million in campaign contributions from Obama fund-raisers and donors to assist Odinga in his 2007 presidential campaign in Africa.

The finance memo, prepared by Shakeel Shabbir, the head of Odinga’s campaign finance accounting section, also detailed that among the 72 individuals and organizations that contributed money to Odinga’s 2007 presidential run in Kenya was Saif el-Islam Gadhafi, the second oldest sun of Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi, who also was listed as contributing nearly $1 million to Odinga’s campaign.

The Shabbir document lists the Obama-generated campaign contributions from the U.S. as having been donated by “Friends of Senator B.O.”

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Sure does sound familiar, but I don’t expect we will be seeing much of this from the MSM.

Now check this out fromNoQuarterusa Wade Rathke: Acorn’s Founder, Ayers Compatriot

This is yet another of Bud White’s great investigative articles that you’ll want to read and share with everyone) This is very very informative..Please read it all with links.

The lines of evidence now converge: the founder of ACORN is Wade Rathke, who, like William Ayers, was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the student organization founded in 1960 as part of the New Left, was the gateway drug to the Weather Underground. In the early sixties, the SDS was idealistic and many reluctantly supported Lyndon Johnson for president in 1964, and grainy black-and-white pictures show clean-cut men and women registering southern blacks to vote. Tom Hayden was amongst this group. But that was then.

By 1969, their Great Society liberalism had been co-opted by Marxists, Maoists, Spartacists, and other assorted revolutionary groups. They were no longer interested in change, but overthrowing the government. It was during this time that Wade Rathke first came into contact with Bill Ayers.

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