Schwarzenegger says McCain ‘Real Action Hero’

Wolf Blitzer had an interview with Obama about it after you see the video


“John McCain served longer in a POW camp than his opponent has in the United States Senate. … Ladies and gentlemen, I only play an action hero in my movies, but John McCain is a real action hero.”

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‘This Is Not The Man I Knew’ & I Had No Idea Of Friend’s Past..Obama, Your Pants Are Still On Fire!



This is from John McCain’s speech today in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Several have said it is one of the best speeches they’ve heard him give recently.  It’s Time McCain spoke out, many have called on him to do so from the beginning. You can’t count on the Media to bring it out. They did not even listen to Hillary during the primaries.. The Media did not investigate her claims of voter fraud. Why in the world would the GOP think they would do anything now? It is up to us to get it it, blog it, tell it. Then if they do not listen and want to believe the Liberal Left..well, that’s what they will get and we will all suffer. We will know that we have done our best and that is all one can do.

 C-Span has the full speech

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FULL LINK Open Thread * It Matters How You Respond (or Don’t), Mr. Obama [Update]

Today, on CNN, Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod asserted that Obama didn’t even know about Ayers’ radical past as a founder of the Weathermen.

Didn’t even know? What are you on people? We have been talking about this for a year. Tell me, Were you on something then or now?  All together now let’s sing.. Memories… by Barbara Streisand and see if you can recall..

But bringing it up seems to be a tactical error. 


It seems defensive. It opens up a factual issue that will merit more journalism, and more attention — can anyone contradict Axelrod? When did Obama find out who Ayers was? Already, paper is flying out of the McCain camp:

Does Barack Obama truly expect the American people to believe that he had no idea about his friend’s past as the infamous founder of the domestic terror group ‘The Weather Underground’ or is he just lying? If Obama didn’t know in 1995 about the bombings Ayers was responsible for, when did he find out — because Obama was promoting Ayers’ book in 1997, serving on boards with him until 2002, and trading emails and phone calls with him as recently as 2005. If Obama really was unaware of Ayers’ radical past, learning the truth doesn’t seem to have had any effect on their friendship.” …

The Newsday blogger adds All the McCain camp wants is for people to talk about Obama-Ayers, and Axelrod has provided fuel for the discussion.

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Obama-Ayers-Dohrn-Mama- and Qaddafi



I wish the tone of this campaign were different and it might have been if Obama had accepted McCain’s offer months ago to do 10 town hall meetings around the country. But Obama chose otherwise. His problem is that he is trying to portray himself as something he is not (moderate and mainstream) while portraying McCain as something he is not (out of touch and uncaring).

One can be known in part by the company one keeps. William Ayers is not somebody who just did evil things when Obama was eight years old.

They have an adult relationship and Ayers has been a booster of Obama’s and they have worked together on “education issues” in Chicago.

Let’s have some perspective here. What do you suppose the mainstream media reaction would be had McCain been associated with an abortion clinic bomber? You know what it would have been. The big media would be editorializing that McCain was not fit to be president. But Obama can associate with a man who belonged to Weatherman, a Communist-driven splinter faction of Students for a Democratic Society. Characterizing Weatherman as “an American Red Army,” Ayers summed up the organization’s ideology as follows: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents.” He has never apologized for those remarks or said he has a different world view today.

As recently as 2001, Ayers said America makes him “want to puke.” Nice. Check the article in full below:

Finally, we may hear what we have known during the campaign. Will the MSM sugarcoat his connections with terrorists? Will anything besides the Ayers Dohrn connection be mentioned? Will it be brought up about his Communist/ Marxist Mentors? Will the financial connections be revealed? Will his ‘truth squads’ intimidation tactics be revealed? Will Acorn connection -Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac not to mention voter fraud come up? Will his Alinski style community organizing methods he studied and practiced be brought up? There is so much and too much to go into here but I seriously doubt if they get beyond the tip of the iceberg.

Whether or not the American people believe the Media Spin or what we who longed for this to come out long ago is not so much the point here. The point is that whichever story they believe..The Obama Spin along with the Media who is mesmerized with him…they will at least have no excuse. I am sure his associations will be minimized by the talking heads of the Obama campaign- the liberal left and the Media. I would be shocked if they finally jumped on this. There are 3 video’s below: one with Dohrn speaking about overthrowing capitalism as late as 2007, one a study of Obama’s roots in Marxism, and Qaddafi speaking.

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