Hillary supporters fighting with anti obama ad..

Democrats  want Obama over Hillary, but some of Hillarys supporters still have on their boxing gloves…Really it would make a good GOP video.

Hillary’s friends in high places, former political supporters,& celebs  have hung her out to dry. Howard Dean is biting at the bit, why won’t that woman quit?  Sorry Dean, she wants to be like the Simpson jury…don’t want to acquit because then they must have quit.. No..

Hillary and her supporters will put on a good face and present a united front..but clinton supporters are wounded with the big guys & politics as usual supporting the Junior Senator with limited electoral experience..when was he first elected to political office? I believe it was 2004..

Obama has been compared to John Kennedy. JFK had been in office many years and had lots of experience under his belt…can’t compare him there. Of course, Don’t believe a group anything like Hamas woud have dared endorse Kennedy either.

 Of course, it was another time.. a time before the radical 60’s came into being..where some of us witnessed bra burning, free sex, woodstock and the beginnings of Earth Day…lots of drugs, immorality was hot…divorce rate jumped to 50% between 1958 and the 70″s..fatherless homes, astronomical # of single moms trying to to raise children while she worked for 1/2 of their former income…Heck it was the beginning of Freedom..freedom from being chained in the prison of marriage .Join the Weathermen, SLS or SDS…ah,,it was the good times…Make Love not War..freedom from many rules, freedom from authority, freedom to burn old glory..freedom to sleep around with whoever you wanted whenever you wanted and just do what you want to do..don’t need any responsibility. pregnant? sorry about your luck…Heck it was the Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, a time of change and the Age of Aquarius..


And now we eat the fruit Aquarius bore…anyway, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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