I’m Just a Little Kid

Thanksgiving was great with the kiddo’s. It seems to be a day of excess. Excess food, joy with each other, and an excess of dishes. I read somewhere that it takes 18 hours to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner and 12 minutes to eat it. Now how long is the clean up? lol!

My grandson who is 4 years old seems to like destroying his room and he can do it rather quickly. My daughter told him, “Jacob, go to your room and get everything off that floor, You can’t even walk in there”. ” His reply: “But Mom, I’m just a little kid, I can’t do it by myself”. To which daughter said, ” Get in there right now  and do what I told you or you will be staying in there for a very long timeout.”. After 30 minutes of whining, etc: he told her he had done the job. Daughter goes to inspect, how nice, nothing on the floor, so impressed, and then noticed the closet. All was piled in there knee high to a grasshopper, what could she do? she only told him to get it off the floor.