The Fat Lady Sang!

The fat lady sang, and Obama as we really expected has been elected The President of the United States of America.

McCain gave a very gracious concession speech. I am sure you have seen it.: Here’s the transcript, if you want it.

My thoughts are ‘No thanks to the Media. I will never put stock in them as you too should not. It has been shocking to see their bias..I do not recall in my lifetime a press that so coddled one candidate and did not think the public had a right to know anything that might damage their choice. I do not recall a VP candidate being so attacked and treated so shabbily as Sarah Palin.

I do not recall a candidate like McCain that only seemed to ‘under duress’ in the last debate bring out any thing that might be damaging to Obama. Then he did not follow through and did not call him on any of the things the American people needed to know. I don’t know. See this:

Top Thirty Errors That Doomed McCain Source;PAJAMAS MEDIA

I am saddened for our country. I am saddened that we chose one who has very little experience and very questionable associations. I am saddened by his views on bankrupting the Coal Industry. I am saddened that he thinks it is okay for us to pay more for electricity. I am saddened that I still do not really know this man. Nor do I think America does.’

Now is the time to go on and fight for our rights. We will probably see the Fairness doctrine passed. We will probably see many changes indeed. We cannot let up. We cannot stop fighting for what we feel is right. We do have those rights for now.

Many of us fought the good fight. We tried to inform those who would listen and we endured insults from the left and those who do not know that they do not know. We kept on keeping on. We did our best. Now it is time to go on. The people have spoken. It does no good now to ask how many dead people voted in Pa? Or any of the other questionable tactics we have seen and some of you have witnessed.

With all that said, we must pray for our New President. Yes, we are required to do that. We must pray for him, our leaders and our country.

At the same time, we must stay on them to remember we are here. We are watching and we are listening. We have to continue to email, fax, call and write about important issues. This is America after all. We have a duty to do our best to keep them on their toes. eh?



  1. Angie, yes we have fought the good fight and it’s not over yet. The toughest part of the battle may now be ahead. God’s timetable moves on and we are a vital part of that.
    Yes I believe there were a lot of things rigged and manipulated. We did our best to shout it from the rooftops but the masses were, I believe, hypnotized. No wonder the Bible tells us to keep alert.
    Well, we Aussies have been there, done that and we’re supporting you guys today. It’s a blow for all sane people of the world.

  2. I don’t usually worry too much about election results. But this time I AM worrying. BHO is dangerous, especially with so many Dems in Congress.

  3. Yeah, i thought McCain was overly gracious, perhaps unnecessarily i think. I mean he can reach out all he wants to, but the voters have shown in their actions how much they want that. Looking at the figures, it’s a lurch to socialism, not a small step or something.

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