Guess What? Obama Plans to Bankrupt Coal Industry!


Wyoming, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, Montana, Illinois, Virginia, North Dakota, Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico, Utah, Ohio, Alabama and Arizona: these coal producing states will be adversely affected by Barack Obama’s energy policy.

Imagine mines closing, factories closing, jobs lost, towns abandoned, small businesses failing, pensions lost, wages dropping and widespread economic depression in states that rely on coal mining and processing. This is what Obama’s cap and trade system will engender in states such as WV, PA, MT, VA, ND, CO, IN, NM, OH and AZ. Just listen to the audio above of Obama discussing how he will bankrupt factories and businesses that rely on power generated from coal.

Sunday morning buzz: Everyone’s sending Michelle Malkin the audio clip now up on YouTube of Obama telling the San Francisco Chronicle he’ll make it impossible for new coal plants to be built. The interview took place in January. The YouTube user is NakedEmperorNews, who uploaded Obama’s redistribution of wealth interview.

Bankrupty: The change Obama thinks the coal industry deserves…

How many more jobs will be lost? How much will we pay for electricity? Yeah Obama you are certainly for change. The kind of change the Middle class of America does not need.

No Coal Power, No Questions in Obamaland

I don’t know why the McCain camp is not running constant ads – at least in PA and Virginial, highlighting Obama’s admission that – given the opportunity – he’ll bankrupt any new coal plants.

The press, of course, is mum. As we see with the LA Times, which arrogantly will release neither tape nor transcript of Obama speaking at an Israel-bashing event (can you just imagine how quickly they’d deliver same were John McCain speaking instead), they have no interest in actually covering anything Obama says. They just want to sustain an illusion

At this point, I pretty much want to see O lose just to punish the press. They’ve manufactured his candidacy (”you go sit down, Hillary, even though you’re tied and you’ve won all the big states”) and now they’re trying to manufacture his “win.” Should they succeed, we’ll be seeing the press become a monster unlike any seen in our history. “Different parties, different rules,” indeed. The press needs to lose this election.

Meanwhile, Thomas Sowell calls Obama Ego and Mouth and he seems to be correct. Obama has not given a press conference since Septemeber…but he’ll give one “on Wednesday.”

As soon as the uncomfortable issues of associations, blunders and doublespeak because apparent re Obama, he stopped talking to the press.

And the press helped him get away with it by burying as much as it could, or by distracting the electorate by focusing on something else. For instance, why focus on Joe the Plumber’s question and Barack’s answer, when you can just destroy the plumber.

I’ve said repeatedly that the press is going “all in” on Obama because they see his presidency (and Pelosi’s hard-hand) as their last chance to regain the monopoly they held on information and communications before the alternative media took hold. They believe they’ll go back to being the “only game in town,” with the support of a president who clearly does not think dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

Victor Davis Hanson writes this absolute must-read on the end of Journalism: “…we have never quite seen anything like the current media infatuation with Barack Obama, and its collective desire not to raise key issues of concern to the American people.” Read the whole thing.

As Roger L. Simon said, “it’s not the bias, it’s the lying”. Actually, it’s the bias and the lying…and the plain-old covering up. The media has actively protected Obama by not reporting what it knows it should. And they’ve admitted they’re doing it.

I’m sorry. That sort of behavior should be punished, not rewarded. I’ve never been more disgusted with the press.

On the other hand, I think a three-dimensional John McCain is doing better than most polls will report. Just a gut thing, I could be wrong.

And he killed last night on SNL.

McCain’s been counted out over and over again in this election, even in the primaries. If the voter fraud is massive, and it might be, he may still eke something out . One never knows.

And oh, yeah, one more thing…just something to think about while you’re raking leaves or whatever? Read this in the WaPo:

Everybody kind of wanted to spend the last 100-plus days doing some legacy things, and the financial crisis has thrown a wrench into that,” said one prominent Republican who regularly talks with senior White House officials.

“You have a combination of no legacy stuff, a horrible economic mess and the likelihood that Obama is going to win,” this person added. “There is a real sadness there.”

Then remember this:

Woodhouse said one goal is to make sure Bush does not enjoy a resurgence in public approval toward the end of his presidency that could help Republican congressional candidates and the Republican presidential nominee in this year’s elections.

“Framing his legacy helps us in the ‘08 elections, there is no doubt about that,” Woodhouse said. “But our principal mission would be defining the failures of Bush and the ideology he represents.” …

And let yourself wonder just how many illusions are being played before our eyes.

Disorienting. Diabolically disorienting stuff.

:Hat tip:The Achoress

Michelle Malkin,




  1. […] to Angie for sending this to me. Don’t believe it will be just the coal industry, don’t believe […]

  2. The tax dollars that Obama plans to spend on socialized programs such as national healthcare will come from the taxpayers one way or the other. The money the government uses to pay for military expenses, welfare, civil servant salaries, government works programs, disaster relief, etc . . . is based on the money the government expects to collect from taxpayers and businesses. This money is not just sitting around waiting to be spent; it is a projected amount that they expect to collect. Especially now, that we have committed 700+ billion dollars to rescue all these corporations and defaulted home loans. Not to mention the 85 billion we spent bailing out AIG and the money for the other corporations we already helped. To top that off we now have a 10 trillion dollar deficit. Where is Obama getting all this money he has committed to tax cuts, tax credits, reducing the deficit, education benefits, healthcare benefits, and other social reforms? Understand, I am aware I missed a few of his handouts. At the Saddleback debate, he said people making less than $150,000 will see a tax cut, those making over $250,000 will see an increase in taxes; he never mentioned the fate of those who fall in between. There is a good chance he’ll do the same as McCain, and leave taxes in their present state, because of our economic circumstance.
    Brian Riedl of the Heritage Foundation says Obama has proposed nearly $350 billion per year in new spending; in all actuality his budget is looking closer to $850 billion. No matter the amount, at this point in time, the entire corporate tax code only raises about $350 billion annually. Even if Obama doubles the taxes on those making $250,000.00 or more he would still fall short of his goal. Not to mention, in our current economic downturn the tax base will not reach the projected $350 billion. So, it’s unrealistic to think the extra tax dollars collected will be enough to pay for all these things, and it’s unrealistic that he will be able to achieve all the promises he has committed to. For certain he knows this, and is aware that honoring all his promises is not a feasible proposition; so he is in fact, just stringing everybody along. More of the same is that, not only has he committed his administration to providing all those benefits to the voters and raising taxes on businesses, but he committed to raising the minimum wage again after it was just raised a few months ago.

    Read moe . . .

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  4. I posted the video, keft a brief comment and linked back to your site for people to visit. I also sent out several e-mails.
    Bob A.

  5. Angie, I’ve posted on this too. But I didn’t realize the coal-producing states that would be affected. I really hope this goes viral and that some of those miners and their families might, at the 11th hour, decide to change their vote.
    Of course, it’s not just about the coal industry but about pauperizing every single America and make them lick his boots like whipped dogs. I’m so afraid for America. I really hope that the millions of God-fearing Americans will understand what is ahead and pray for God to show them what to do.
    Obama is a catastrophe.

  6. FNC has covered most of the stories the other media will not. I’m just hoping that enough voters are watching Fox!

  7. This is the sort of thing that’s driving European companies offshore to other countries. This is the sort of Socialism that America will never stop getting in Obama, take from one and give to another until there’s no one left to take from.

  8. In a way the McCain camp reminds me of our own conservatives at the last election, they too had this caught-in-the-headlights look about them, they just weren’t responding to the empty suit and they paid the price. Off course the media and the elites were on the side of the empty-suit and that helped him tremendously.

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