Travesty, Travesty, Military Votes Disallowed and More

Is early voting a “travesty”? Why is it so difficult? Seems to me people managed to vote on election day without all the high drama and need for early this and that for the first two centuries.

Here’s a travesty, though – that members of our military routinely see their votes disallowed. Shouldn’t our military men and women, in this era of modern communication – and in an era where folks in Ohio can register themselves as living on parkbenches and vote the same day – be able to “register” wherever they are stationed (their “precints), vote there and have their votes counted and reported on by their superiors? Why is this so damned difficult? Our military deserve to be able to vote, real-time, and to have those votes counted.

The other travesty, of course, is that here in America, in the year 2008, the press can publicly withhold useful information from voters, and other members of the press don’t care about it, and no Democrats think honor demands some transparency. We’re not supposed to know about or care about yet another dubious association of Barack Obama’s, we’re just supposed to get in line and vote for him. I don’t like that version of America

Or, as Andrew McCarthy writes: The Los Angeles Times’s Strange Notion of Journalistic Ethics is very odd, indeed.

Here’s the extent of the Obama campaign’s credit card deception, which is also a travesty.

Is this what Joe Biden was talking about?
How will Obama deal with suicide bombers?

Baseball Crank note that finds a stunning similarity between Obama and Dubya

Planned Parenthood and Infanticide. Yes, they deliver ‘em live and let them die On your tax money.

It’s their party.

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Thanks to The Achoress



  1. We would all cry if we knew how many votes were not counted, specifically military. And also how many votes ARE counted that are illegal.

  2. Obama is the travesty my friend..good Lord Ang!

  3. Angie, your posts at the moment and the roundups at the bottom are dynamite. Disallowing military votes? How dare they? They KNOW good and well that the military almost overwhelmingly vote conservative. But the ongoing travesties that are heartily approved of by the Democrat supporters are breathtaking. They will also reap the destruction of a corrupt country.
    The planned parenthood and the similarities between Obama and Dubya sound like must reads too.

  4. Ah, screwing over the military, as usual for the left eh. After all the damage that Clinton did to the armed forces, they’ll have to do it all over again.

    But then again who needs the military anymore, B. Hussein and his followers have decreed an end to violence. No War will be defense policy now. Wars will be won by sending angry, rotund, leftwing feminists to march around in a circle on the battlefield wearing prada and chanting ‘make love not war’. Guns and bombs are like soooo last century folks.

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