Obama Wants to Give Our Social Security to Illegals

DID YOU KNOW: Obama is going to give our Social Security to Illegals?

DID YOU KNOW..Obama wants illegals to have drivers licenses?

The Pac below is getting the truth out. The truth we want, need to know that the Media just does not think is important. Check out the links below. YOU DECIDE….THEN GO VOTE FOR YOUR COUNTRY!

Here’s the latest TV ad from this highly dynamic, go-get-’em PAC that is firing up TV ads and raising money in a whirlwind of energy:

Obama Never complained once

Donate Now to Have This Ad Air in Swing States — Click Here

GOPTrust has raised $4.5 million, and is reaching out to all of ustime is of the essence — for another $2 million to get their ads on all of the major networks, and in all the battleground states. From its site:

source:Thanks to NoQuarterusa


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  1. Obama wants to give a lot more than just social security to illegals, it’s not just healthcare and the wealth he wants to give over to those that didn’t earn it and have no right to it.

    By his actions he will weaken America and that’s like giving the country over to those that hate it.

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