Obama-Constitution Got It Wrong..Wealth Redistribution way to go!

Thanks to Uppitywoman for photo

Obama tells Reporter in 2001 that the constitution got it wrong…Wealth Redistribution is way to go! You get er done administratively.

“I Will Vote Obama”

I will vote Obama
I will vote for a man I know nothing about

I will vote because it is time for a black man in the White House

I will vote for a man I really haven’t researched, and I really don’t want to know anything bad about

Because I will feel noble and good that I voted for a black man

or a man who definitely is NOT George Bush

I will vote for a man whose mother left America on purpose and stated the Americans around her in Indonesia were “not her people”

I will vote for a man whose father and stepfather were not Americans or Christians even though I felt uncomfortable about that Romney fellow and his Mormonism

I will vote for a man whose father figure mentor in Hawaii was a communist and hated America and “white oppression”

I will vote for a community organizer, even though I don’t know what that is

Saul Alinksy is the creator of the community organizer concept

I will not Google Saul Alinsky

I will not Google ACORN

I will vote for a man who ran unopposed for his Illinois State Senate Seat

I will not Google how that happened to occur

I will vote for a man who allies himself with an unrepentant radical terrorist

But he is an “education reformer” now!

I will not Google Bill Ayers enough to find out what he wants to reform public education into

although my children go to public schools

I will vote for a man who listened to Reverend Jeremiah Wright for 20 years

I certainly will NOT Google Black Liberation theology, white oppression, and Marxism in the same search!

I will feel good about myself after I vote Obama

who is not George Bush

I will feel good that America voted for Obama

I will await the praise from the world’s opinion of us on our wise choice…

I will be surprised when they still hate us

I will be surprised when I start to hate who I voted for

I will vote “anybody but Obama” in 2012



  1. I will feel good that America voted for Obama

    This is a big one for so many Americans who are sick of being hated by the world. They will throw away their country for a bit of approval. Tragic. Europe doesn’t have to live under this man but Americans do. Europeans will be happy to see Americans sign their death warrant.

  2. Indeed Aurora, them Europeans must be feeling lonely or something.

    But you know the silver lining in all this is that if Obama wins and he turns out to the socialist we all know he is, his policies will leave Europe and all those big government, anti-gun, soft-power European morons out to fend for themselves.

    I for one will look forward to watching them really deal with Putin, Ahmadinejad, China etc not to mention the growing Muslim population within their multicultural borders.

    Coming back to the post, heavens above i couldn’t listen anymore than 2 minutes, redistribution of wealth, economic justice and all that crap. I can do without that sort of stress right now.

  3. That audio, which I too have posted, has gone viral. I even heard it discussed on FNC yesterday.

    Of course, most Americans don’t seem to care that a Marxist may soon take the POTUS oath of office.

    My leftist dissenter, Duck, is the only leftie so far not to deny that Obama is spouting Marxism. Of course, Duck is defending Marxism as the way to go, even trying to paint the “ism” as Christian. Puhleeze!

  4. I cannot believe how ignorant so many Americans are. Even though Fox News covers it I have heard them as the other cable networks do make light of it also. This is serious. Should Obama by chance win next Tuesday – the US will never be the same – EVER!

  5. That’s a funny poem. Especially considering the fact that you guys think by googling Obama and reading a bunch of websites run by god knows who you’ll learn the truth.
    There’s a reason that not even the great Fox News has picked up these stories. I’ll give you a hint why…they’re all bullshit.

    I’d also like to venture a guess that not a single person who has mentioned Marx on this website has read a single thing Marx wrote. I propose you make a rule that you are forbidden to call anyone a Marxist unless you’ve actually read Marx. You’re just making yourselves look like idiots when you say in the same breath that Obama is a socialist and a Marxist.

    I don’t know what you guys are so afraid of…if Obama really is as bad as you think, then in 4 years the Republicans will easily win back the White House and the Congress. We lived through 8 years of W. I think it’s unpatriotic of you guys to think that America is so delicate that one man could bring us down. God bless America, indeed!

  6. Like Hitler and President Imanutjob of Iran, he is telling us precisely what he will do. As with Hitler, the world did not listen, with Imanutjob (as well as Obama) the world will not listen. With Obama the American people are not listening and the Imanutjobs, Chavez, Castro, Hamass and other such savory characters are plugging for him.

  7. I still say Obama is a marxist – commie PIG! America better think three x’s over who they vote for on Tuesday. God bless America and God help us all!

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  9. how can anyone who cares about our country betray us like this Ang!:(

  10. THIS IS WAR!

    Pleas pass this along…

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