More Voter Fraud-Possible Illegals voting with a little help in the Booth No Less!

This attack on our voter privilege and the fraud perpetrated all over over our country continues to get worse. They may as well just say ‘look we are taking over this election and the country whether Americans like it or not. Can it get any worse? How about taking busloads of illegal immigrants to vote that neither read nor speak english and of course, they must have the one who brought them in the voting booth with them..Read the whole stinking like a skunk THREAT TO OUR SYSTEM below: What more injustice can these people do our country? Take a look at what is happening in Tennessee. It seems to me that early voting is producing a lot of fraud. Tennessee voters should protest this very loud AND not let up. ALL Americans that care about the privilege of voting should make so much noise that something that reeks of common sense returns to this Nation. It is time to put our country first over party! It seems that once the vote is is inviolate. Do we need any more proof that early voting is a stench upon our system? Whatever happened to absentee voting and proof of I.D. in some states? I had the impression that Tennessee had to show ID? I know some states have thrown it to the wayside so I hope Tennessee is not in that camp. None should be.

How laughable we must be to the world just waiting for our fall?

This is the most blatant case of voter fraud to date I believe. So here we go from Tennessee: Well kiss my Grits! This should make any American that cares about our democracy get boiling mad and refuse to take it anymore.

Friday, 10/17/08, 9:30 PM: A few hours ago, Nashville’s syndicated radio talk show host Phil Valentine took a phone call from Lynn Greer, one of the two Republican members of the five-member Davidson County Election Commission. Mr. Greer was so angry he could barely control himself. (For the benefit of readers who aren’t familiar with Middle Tennessee, Nashville/Davidson County is a Metro area, in which the city and county governments are combined.)

He informed Phil and his listeners that earlier today, someone was bringing in vanloads of non-English-speaking Mexicans with no identification to one of the Nashville early voting locations. Along with the non-English speaking individuals came a bilingual woman to act as their interpreter. She informed the election personnel that she would accompany the voters into the booth, read the ballot for them, and insure that their vote was cast for the candidates of their choice.

The Davidson County Election Commission, including its Democrat members, decided that the individuals would not be allowed to vote on the grounds that since they were unable to speak, understand, or read English, they could not possibly be citizens, and therefore were not qualified to vote. In addition, Mr. Greer mentioned that these people were unable even to request the assistance of a translator themselves. Accordingly, Ray Barrett, Davidson County Administrator of Elections, instructed his employees to refuse to allow any of these individuals to vote.

And it only gets better from there:

However, someone prevailed upon Mr. Barrett to call the state in order to verify the Commission’s decision. Brook Thompson, the Tennessee State Election Coordinator, then ordered Mr. Barrett and the Davidson County Election Commission to allow these non-English-speaking individuals to vote through their bilingual interpreter despite their lack of any sort of identification and total unfamiliarity with the English language.

Phil and Mr. Greer briefly discussed what could be done. They agreed that the only possible remedy would be for the Tennessee Republican Party to file suit in a Federal court. He told Phil that while he intended to urge the state GOP to make the effort, in view of the recent refusal of a Federal court to grant relief to State Sen. Rosalyn Kurita (whose legitimate Democrat primary win was overturned by the big shots of her party in revenge for her vote in favor of a Republican Lt. Governor), he held out little hope that it would be successful. He also noted that even if a court should decide that the votes of these people were illegal, there is no mechanism for withdrawing them. These are not provisional ballots. Once cast, they are inviolate.

This is a long read but worth your time. I encourage all Tennessee citizens that are angry following this episode band together and file a federal suit. The suit in Ohio was overturned because the Ohio Republican Party brought suit. It is highly unlikely any court would refuse to hear a suit on this if it was brought by a group of concerned citizens.

Got to finish the story:

First, Brook Thompson himself called up. He told Phil that Federal law requires that these people be allowed to vote with the help of an interpreter if they wish. He pointed out that in some jurisdictions with a higher percentage of non-English-speaking individuals, the Feds require that ballots and registration materials be printed in four or five languages. Therefore, he insisted that he had no choice but to allow these people to vote.

Phil asked him about the requirement that prospective voters must be able to produce valid identification, and Thompson admitted that this is correct. However, he shifted the burden for enforcement back to the Davidson County Election Commission. When Phil asked him if he intended to send someone down to investigate why the ID requirement was not being enforced, Thompson began to stammer and splutter a bit, and finally gave a noncommittal answer to the effect that he’d look into it.

The next phone call was from a woman identified only as Barbara, who is apparently an officer in the Republican Women’s organization. She informed Phil that aside from the identification requirement, Brook Thompson is ignoring another legal mandate of which he is definitely aware. She insisted that the law requires that a prospective voter who desires the assistance of an interpreter must personally request such assistance. In other words, the interpreter is not permitted to go up to the election officials and inform them that she intends to go into the booth and help the voter. She explained that the law includes that provision as protection for the voter against coercion and other forms of voter fraud. Unquestionably, Barbara was accusing Brook Thompson of deliberately ignoring that provision of the law, and thus allowing illegals to vote.

Within a few minutes, a man called up who informed Phil that he had been involved in Tennessee elections for 20 years, and was intimately familiar with the applicable laws. He agreed with Barbara, and added that Brook Thompson is not an attorney, and is not an authority on election law, but is a political appointee – appointed by Democrats. This gentleman disputed Thompson’s assertion that Federal law mandates that voters be permitted to use an interpreter. According to him, elections are governed by state law, which plainly requires that any voter who wishes to use an interpreter must personally request permission to do so from the election personnel. He vehemently disagreed with Thompson’s decision allowing these non-English-speaking people with no valid identification to vote in a Tennessee election.

The caller also informed Phil and his listeners that any voter has the right to challenge any other voter’s qualifications. He advised all of us not to depend solely upon the election personnel, but to take the initiative and inform them of any questionable or suspicious activity which we observe at a polling place.

That’s where the matter ended for today. Since it’s now Friday evening, it is unlikely that there will be any new developments until Monday, 10/20.

And yet more from Tennessee:

Wednesday, 10/22/08, 5:00 AM:

As of yesterday afternoon, there have been no further developments. Phil Valentine reported that he has spoken to various law enforcement authorities, and none have been willing to look into this egregious violation of election laws.

During yesterday’s program, Phil spoke by phone with Quin Hillyer, Associate Editorial Page Editor of the Washington Examiner. Quin’s paper just published his column Quin-essential cases: No Righting Voting Wrongs in Ohio covering similar voting irregularities in Ohio.

When Phil informed Quin of these recent occurrences in Nashville, his first reaction was a gasp of surprise. He then remarked, “This election is being stolen right from under our noses.”

Phil is now trying to formulate a plan for some sort of direct action designed to force the relevant authorities to do their jobs. He’s been successful in such efforts in the past. For instance, he was responsible for the famous 2001 horn-blowing mass demonstration at the Tennessee State Capitol which resulted in the defeat of then-Gov. Don Sundquist’s proposed income tax. Whether he’ll be able to devise a successful strategy this time remains to be seen, but if I were a betting man, I’d be putting my money on Phil.

Notice a pattern here…the Democrats again. They are so knee deep in this fraud it is totally sickening. To think I am still a registered Democrat…..actually I just wanted to vote a straight Republican ticket while still a registered Democrat! My own form of torture and fun!

Good luck to Phil. And go get ‘em Phil, you have my support…

Hat tip:Ms Placed Democrat Original source link:below:

More Fraud This Time In Tennessee And The Democrats Are Knee Deep In It



  1. It is truly scary. I doubt we will see a fair and honest election ever again in this nation. Al Gore and Bill Daley set a low level standard for counting voter fraud as legal back in 2000 – things have never been the same. Both sides have their lawyers waiting like hound dogs. This is so pathetic-all of it and ACORN is at the root of this debacle.

  2. God bless Phill. We have had random reports of voter machines registering McCain votes as Obama votes. Not sure if it is user error of something sinister. But these people who cannot prove they live here, work here, are citizens of the US, are very suspect and should not be allowed to vote.

  3. Great post, Angie. I’ve always suspected polling fraud on every level. I’m sure we have an equivalent here in Australia. Laylaelizabeth is right to wonder if you will ever see a fair and honest election again. The election pollsters are just one of the many arms of the octopus that is the corrupt DemoRat machine. The fight is unfair, yes, and to every person who condones it by voting Left, they are consigning the country to the rule of a very corrupt and evil regime. God help America and especially those of us who fight.

  4. Heavens above, illegals deciding the future of your country. With the growing problem of illegal immigration you’d think they’d be checking who’s voting, i guess that’ll only happen if we managed to convince everyone that the illegals were voting for Republicans.

    Suddenly the democrats will be crying about legality, stolen elections and what not. Hypocrites.

  5. “Suddenly the democrats will be crying about legality, stolen elections and what not. Hypocrites.”

    The democrats HAVE been crying about legality and stolen elections. And I seem to remember republicans calling democrats “sore losers” during the 2000 and 2004 elections. All of a sudden when it looks like they’re going to lose it’s a republican issue. So who exactly is the hypocrite?

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