Andy Martin, Whitey Tape and Berg,

Andy Martin–is in the news. The Obama team came after him as a rabid anti-Semite. Let me see if I have this right, Barack Obama hangs out with Louis Farrakhan and Rashid Khalidi and Andy Martin is the anti-Semite? Anyway, Andy is in Hawaii and many are speculating that his investigative efforts there are the real reason that Barack has suspended his campaign and headed for Honolulu. There is a nifty thread on Andy’s efforts over at the Hillary Clinton forum (read here). I don’t know if there is any fire beneath the smoke Andy is putting up, but we will know by next Tuesday.

excerpt below from link above.

Two weeks ago on October 5th Sean Hannity aired a program that terrified the Obama campaign. You can probably see my role at or on YouTube. The New York Times itself reported that the morning after Hannity’s program, I became the target of a massive liberal assault at the Times. On October 6th I wrote a column predicting that Hannity’s show would become the most important political program of 2008. On direct orders from the Emperor Obama, the New York Times then unleashed its smear machine on me.

One week ago, on October 13th, the Times tried to destroy me with a front-page package of lies, distortions and outright fraud. The Times failed. My investigative team arrived in Hawai’i and began to dig, dig, dig.

I also predicted in a column that attacking me was the first big mistake Obama and the Times had committed. You be the judge of whether I am being proven correct.

I am still standing and the Times’ credibility is going into the toilet.

Before my team left for Hawai’i I predicted we would bring down Obama. By sheer coincidence, one TV network was interested in my mission and has been tagging along with a camera crew.

Hat tip Larry Johnson of NoQuarterusa read Mr.Johnson’s impressive accolades.

Boy the waters are roiling. It is true that we stand on the precipice of electing the least vetted, unqualified man for President in the history of the United States. I am getting a flood of emails from folks–most well intentioned and a few trolls–desperate for the October surprise, whatever it might be. So let me try to answer some of the questions circulating.

The Whitey Tape–None of my three main sources on who told me about the existence of a video recording of Michelle Obama making disparaging comments about white folks have backed off. Two of these sources are Democrats and are journalists. They were not trying to sabotage the Obama campaign. They were passing on something they believed to be true. The fact that my third source, a person who lives on the West Coast and is a Republican, has no ties whatsoever to the other two but told the same story persuaded me this “tape” exists. My Republican friend tells me that the McCain campaign intervened and requested the tape not be used.

There also is the fact that the Obama campaign at one point circulated the lame story that Michelle was not using “whitey” as an epithet. Nope. She was saying, “Why’d he.” You don’t put out a story line like that if such a recording does not exist. At this point I don’t think it is going to be used.

African Press InternationalMany of the conservative blogs are buzzing about the supposed release of an audiotape featuring Michelle Obama complaining about API coverage and her alleged acknowledgment that Barack was an Indonesian citizen. I have no doubt that Barack was adopted by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, and became an Indonesian citizen as a child. However, I don’t find this report credible. I am happy to be proven wrong in my belief, but I don’t think Michelle Obama is just sitting around watching and reading news accounts and calling up folks to complain. If that was true I would have expected a call from the lovely Mrs. Obama. API is claiming it has the audiotape and it will be released imminently. We will see, but I doubt it.

Phil Berg and his lawsuit–Poor Phil Berg. He can’t: get arrested in Philadelphia right now. His effort to mount a legal challenge to Barack Obama’s qualifications, or lack thereof in terms of citizenship, to be President appears to be going no where. Yet he is declaring victory of sorts today. According to a story at America’s Right:

Berg: Due to Procedure, Obama and DNC Admit all Allegations

According to Rule 36 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a party upon whom requests for admissions have been served must respond, within 30 days, or else the matters in the requests will be automatically deemed conclusively admitted for purposes of the pending action.

On September 15, as part of his federal lawsuit contending that the Illinois senator is ineligible, pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, to serve as president of the United States, Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg served Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee with just such a request. Soon thereafter, on October 6, Barack Obama and the DNC acknowledged service in their motion for protective order, filed in an attempt to persuade the court to stay discovery. The Federal Rules require that a response to a request for admissions be served within the 30-day time limit, and Barack Obama and the DNC have not done so.

Therefore, this morning, amidst news reports that Barack Obama will be suspending his campaign for a few days so he can fly to Hawaii to visit his grandmother, who has suddenly fallen ill, Philip Berg will file two motions in district court in Philadelphia:

A motion requesting an immediate order deeming his request for admissions served upon Barack Obama and the DNC on September 15 admitted by default, and
A motion requesting an expedited ruling and/or hearing on Berg’s motion deeming the request for admissions served upon Obama and the DNC admitted.

Berg contends that the failure to respond and serve the response within the time limit is “damning,” and made two appearances overnight on Rollye James’ talk radio program, the second one coming shortly after midnight, during which he disclosed the meat of today’s filings and the legal and political ramifications of the defendants’ failure to respond.

I am not a lawyer but I thought the DNC has asked for a delay and the judge in the case still has not ruled. I think this much is certain. Even if Obama is elected these questions, like Whitewater in the case of the Clintons, is not going to disappear and will be fodder for further investigations and legal challenges.

With all the media support, 605 million $$$ to McCain’s 84 million, The great ones ads all over every channel on the cable, I am going to sleep with “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.” Well no, I don’t but I can’t see the History channel without it. Maybe if I went to the shopping channels. Will let ya know.

I believe we ought to start the rumor that Barack Obama really is a disgruntled plumber from Ohio. That appears to be the only way the media will be inspired to conduct a thorough investigation of why Barack has covered up and mythologized his childhood and his ties to radicals like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Louis Farrakhan. All hail Barack!



  1. Its make a person want to go jump into the lake and hold his/her head under water until the noise goes away! The media is stupid and I’m starting to wonder about my fellow Americans. Do they not have any brains at all? I have now found news that connects Barack Obama, William Ayers and yes Jeremiah Wright together doing their spreading of the evil! Please read and then go to the source and read it all!

  2. Hey Angie,

    Were you aware that 10 states have now filed similar lawsuits against the Obamunist? Hold on to your boxing gloves more will be filed in more states!

  3. “I am still standing and the Times’ credibility is going into the toilet.”

    Huh? I thought their credibility had worked it’s way down into the sewers long, long ago and was somewhere we’d rather not know about now.

    “…we stand on the precipice of electing the least vetted, unqualified man for President in the history of the United States.”

    Add ‘socialist’ to that and it should have anyone with half a brain and a bit of knowledge of what’s happened to just about every other socialist craphole on the planet heading in the opposite direction.

    “My Republican friend tells me that the McCain campaign intervened and requested the tape not be used.”

    Is that for real, does he want to win this or what?

    “I believe we ought to start the rumor that Barack Obama really is a disgruntled plumber from Ohio. That appears to be the only way the media will be inspired to conduct a thorough investigation….”

    i don’t know about that, to be honest if they caught him eating little babies i doubt they’d let that stop them from having OBAMA drag America down the toilet. That sort of chance doesn’t come along that often and i don’t see the media speaking up about it.

  4. I am so glad to see you posted about this Angie – awesome post. I have been watching this unfold and am just in SHOCK over the PATHETIC excuse we have for press in this country. You know… if it was Palin or McCain, or even Joe the plumber, the press would PARKED outside Grandma’s house watching to see just how much time BO spent with Grandma. After reading the legal paperwork I find it hard to believe that he is going for grandma (who probably got the broken hip from being thrown under the bus earlier in his campaign). I also was interested to learn that he traveled to Pakistan with his INDONESIAN passport. Ah but then I MUST just be one of THOSE… you know… gun clingin’ bible thumpin’ backward racist folk… Lord knows I could not be questioning THE ONE…

  5. Yes agree with all. This B. Hussein character is dangerous. I have watched the music clip from mettalica, the day that never comes. If you were the young soldier that was shot would you rather have John McCain at your side or B. Hussein. McCain or B. Hussein. Guess I’m a poet and don’t know it. Would you rather have Sarah Palin or Joe Biden by your side. Biden would probably just drive off with his ever present smile. Would you rather have Todd Palin the soldier in Iraq or Biden’s son the Jag Lawer by your side. I know who I would want beside me. All of the former none of the latter. Biden’s son would probably defend the person shooting him and Biden and Murtha would be condemning the soldier beside him.

  6. Guess what everyone! Obama’s Aunt has been living in Boston illegally for 4 years! The AP is reporting! So she is in America illegally and in public houseing to boot! I wonder if she also gets a wel-fare check!

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