Obama Attempts to Keep Acorn’s Voter REG. FRAUD And Intimidation/What About Fairness Doctrine?

obamashutup.jpgThe Audacity of Mendacity should be Barack-The- Communist-Obama’s next book, really.

Hoping to keep what’s really going on from the public eye, including his own longtime involvement with ACORN, and in order to quell the First Amendment once again while allowing voter registration fraud to continue on his behalf, Comrade Barack Obama’s attorney has written a ludicrous letter to the DOJ.

In typical Comrade fashion, Obama is attempting to deflect, reroute and change the subject while ACORN voter registration (and early voting!) fraud continues to be discovered throughout the USA in huge numbers.

As with Joe the Plumber, Obama is attempting to intimidate dissenters and blame everyone but himself and his beloved ACORN for their fraudulent voter registrations and attempts to plant deliberate seeds of chaos on Election Day.

Frankly, I am surprised the word “Racist” wasn’t used in the letter. Yet.

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Thanks for photo from NoQuarterusa

On another issue:


Barack Obama has proven himself virtually incapable of adhering to a consistent position. His willingness to brazenly toss previous policy preferences under the bus as soon as they prove inconvenient to his short-term interests cannot be ignored. If he hasn’t hesitated to repeatedly betray liberal orthodoxy to satisfy his immediate needs, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to envision Obama discarding a right-of-center pledge faster than you can say, “This isn’t the fairness doctrine I once knew.”

It’s also important to consider this matter through the lens of Obama’s mythical history of “bipartisanship.” In the United States Senate, Obama voted the Democrat Party line 97 percent of the time; more often than his own caucus’ leader. It takes quite an effort to out-liberal Ted Kennedy and Bernie Sanders, but the non-partisan National Journal says Obama managed to do just that, ranking him the most liberal senator in the chamber last year. With that in mind, consider this: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the most powerful members of Obama’s party, has clearly stated her desire to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. When asked if she’d allow a vote on Indiana Republican Mike Pence’s anti-Fairness Doctrine legislation, Pelosi shot back, “No. The interest in my caucus is the reverse.”

Can the public really trust an Obama administration to resist a Democratic Congress’ efforts to revive the censorship measure? Considering that Senator Obama hasn’t stood up to his own party in any substantial way thus far, it’s unlikely a President Obama would magically adopt the practice.

Beyond the hypothetical, the Obama campaign’s actions betray speech-muzzling impulses. On numerous occasions during his general election campaign, Obama has sought to silence, rather than engage and refute, his critics.

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Hat tip Guy Benson from Pajamas Media



  1. […] The Sassy Tn’T PoLITicallY InCorrect created an interesting post today on Obama Attempts to Keep Acorn’s Voter REG. FRAUD And Intimidation/What About Fairness Doctrine?Here’s a short outline […]

  2. Thanks to the media, Obama will be allowed to get away with lying, cheating and casually dismissing any nefarious activity on his part from the past.

    Did you notice how everyone is happy with Obama’s dismissal of Ayers as just a washed up terrorist. If McCain or Palin had been in cahoots with a terrorist, would they just casually accept it if they dismissed the fellow as just a washed up terrorist?

    Didn’t think so. Excuse my language, but frankly it’s depressing what the bastards in the media are doing to America and her children.

  3. Good heavens!!! Is that pic for real? He looks like a modern day Hitler. I just got a premonition of him standing behind a podium screaming out to the masses that they have to destroy the evils of the conservative or Christian movement.
    Obama is about as far from ‘bipartisan’ as you can get. This man is radical left…whatever it is that they’re calling themselves these days.

  4. What I’m hearing now is that these states are not going to throw out the illegal voters, well at least not be careful and find them all so they can be got rid of!! What is happen to the greatest Nation in the World? Maybe I’m still asleep and need to be woke -up cause its a nightmare! HELP!

  5. Yes, it is a crying shame what is being done to our country and its people.

    Yes, he does look like that Aurora. i agree his record short as it is shows no bipartisan ship. He is the #1 Liberal in the Senate…too radical for most democrats that know about him.

    GTP. I ask that everyday..What is happening to this country? You are called a racist if you question ..you are reported if you tell a pollster you are not voting for Obama. Be careful, I will have a post soon on that. You could be reported to the authorities..tape your calls if you answer them truthfullly.

    It is a nightmare! Voting early…can’t check and won’t check illegal voters..prisoners with felonies that are not supposed to vote…what has happened to our democracy or should I say ‘what in the H*LL DID WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LET HAPPEN TO IT?

    The silent Americans better WAKE UP FROM THEIR SLUMBER AND TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK AND show up and get to the polls.

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