Did Bill Ayers Pen Obama’s Dreams?


As I have contended in previous articles, there is considerable and growing evidence that Bill Ayers made a significant contribution to Obama‘s “Dreams from My Father.”

Among other indicators, I have cited the stunning parallels in nautical metaphors and postmodern themes, as well as the nearly miraculous transformation of Obama from struggling hack to literary giant in just a few years.

On Friday evening I received a welcome call from a member of Congress who has found the evidence as convincing as I have and has intervened to have writing samples tested through a university-based authorship program.

Although no such program is fully reliable, all preliminary comparisons that I have run have tested positive.

Two comparable nature passages – from “Dreams” and Ayers’ memoir, “Fugitive Day,” respectively – scored very nearly identically on the Flesch Reading Ease test.

On sentence length, a significant and telling variable, 30-sentence sequences from “Dreams” and “Fugitive Days,” each dealing with “community organizing,” scored very nearly identically again, “Fugitive Days” averaging 23.13 words a sentence and “Dreams” averaging 23.36 words a sentence.

By contrast, the memoir section of my own book about race, “Sucker Punch,” averaged 15 words a sentence and tested significantly higher than either book on the Flesch Reading Ease test.

I also tested verb repetition in all three books, using as a base the first 60 distinctive verbs in “Fugitive Days.” In “Dreams,” an eye-popping 55 of those verbs appear. In “Sucker Punch,” 37 do, this despite the fact that I am closer in age and education to Ayers than Obama is.

Ayers’ involvement in Obama’s memoir is not nearly as improbable as it might sound. Ayers served as something of a literary guru for his radical Hyde Park neighbors in Chicago.

Rashid Khalidi attests to this in the very first sentence of the acknowledgements in his 2004 book, “Resurrecting Empire.”

“There are many people without whose support and assistance I could not have written this book, or written it in the way that it was written,” he writes. “First, chronologically, and in other ways, comes Bill Ayers.”

Read the story here: Exclusive: Jack Cashill offers more proof radical wrote memoir

When you have read that go here to The Achoress:link below and why it should matter:

Did Bill Ayers Write Obama’s Books?with updates?

There is mounting evidence that Obama’s two best-selling books, Dreams of My Father and The Audacity of Hope were in fact ghost-written.

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  1. No one gives a flying fahita bout O’s connection with haters thugs and terrorists Ang..our world is devolving rapidly!!:)

  2. Yeah unfortunately what Angel said is true, just dismiss the fellow as a washed up terrorist and that’s it, all good. It sure is nice to be a leftist isn’t it.

    As for this book thing, heavens above, is America really going to elect this fellow, only to have more and more questions raised about him? Are enough really that spellbound by this socialist! Madness Angie.

  3. Great roundup of links on that, Angie and, as they say, the truth is certainly out there. It’s more than convincing and proof of yet another Obama lie. This whole campaign is based upon lies and subterfuge. It’s corrupt to the core and, as Angel and MK say, nobody on their side gives a hoot. Wall to wall corruption. The majority brings the curse down on everyone else’s heads.

  4. Thanks you guys for your comments. Yes it si another lie. Another cover up. More corruption.

    We will all pay for the uninformed or uncaring don’t give a hoot’ folks.

    Think they are spellbound because most don’t know. Hard to believe I know, in this day and age..but think about it..if they don’t read and check things out..what are they getting with MSM? McCain started this a little late, he is not comfortable with really the stuff of politics. All campaigns share everything they can dig up about the other..and while we don’t like it…we need to know it. So here we are.

  5. I feel like Obama is using voo-doo powers on the American people! He has lied about so much and the people just turn a blind eye and support him any ways, all I can think iis that there are so many that want a free hand out and they think Obama will give them more money in their wel-fare checks, well I have news for those that are thinking that way, when Obama raises the taxes on big companies they will inturn pass it on to us as higher prices on food and other needed products! Well I guess I better look and make sure there is no voo-doo doll around here! 🙂

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