Could Obama Be Using Hypnosis Techniques?

This is an interesting link I found accusing Obama of using known Hypnosis techniques in his speeches, etc: This is lengthy but interesting nonetheless. It would explain why people have fell all over themselves for the ‘great one’, media included. This is a document you can save and perhaps understand some of this. There are video links in some of the footnotes that show you how it is done and practiced on unsuspecting people.

I find this to be an amazing article to say the least. We have long said he has mesmerized the crowds much like Hitler and dictators before him. Give it a read, check out the video links, if not time to it and come back and let me know what you think of it in a respectful manner.



  1. nothing he does would surprise me Ang.:)

  2. Whether it be from hypnosis or what ever else, i certainly think a lot of it is because of the absence of religion. After years and years of driving Christianity and the true God out of the world, people have just turned to the usual false gods of socialism.

    They don’t care if Obama can actually bring them out of poverty, he says he will and his words are comforting and promising and so they buy it. The same reason you always hear about some fool who was conned out of his savings. In 50 and 500 years time, they’ll still be around waiting to prove every con man right.

  3. Angie, if Obama could, he would and nothing at all would surprise me. I would absolutely agree that something very out of the ordinary is going on. How is it that someone of no experience with so many nefarious connections has reached these heights? It’s not normal. I read a commentator this week, 70 years old, who is stunned by the mechanics of this election. He has seen many elections in his years and nothing has come near this one in the sheer depravity of the left and their behavior.

  4. By the way, absolutely spot on, MK. When we wiped our shoes on Christianity, we opened the door to all kinds of other junk.

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