The Choice is Simple..What Kind OF Country Do you Want?


Ohio’s Democratic Brunner Appeals to Supreme Court..Wants to keep Fraudulent Voters? AND SHE GOT IT FROM THE TRAITORS TO DEMOCRACY!

Hat tip:Giovanni World

I have done more than enough research on the following subject to say with all honesty, I believe Barak Hussein Obama will lead this nation down a Socialist/Communist path if elected.

That makes the decision process for voters positively easy. There are two easy choices to make…

1. Do you want a man who loves a free United States of America as your president?

2. Do you want a man that does not love a free United States of America, and would push for a Socialist/Communist model of governing?

Yes folks, the choices are really that simple. Forget who has the best economic plan, or the best war strategy, or promises everything to everybody, the only thing that counts at this point of the race is… what kind of country do you want in the future for your children. Do you want the freedom loving system we have enjoyed for over 250 years, or do you want a repressive system like what Russia or China has?

The debate was only a show for the media, because in the end, it had no real value. Sure, McCain brought up Obama’s connection to William Ayers, our very own home-grown terrorist. But Obama simply ducked the punch and swatted it away like it was no big deal, and alot of people bought it.

Before I go into the ‘why’ I don’t trust Obama, read a few of the comments from people at one of the liberal blogs concerning the Ayers controversy. Keep in mind that there were over 2,000 comments on this one post that were very similar in nature, and the comments were still coming in. This is how the left views William Ayers…

Check the full post

The Case For Not Voting Obama

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.” – Alexander Tyler 1787


  1. This American does not want a socialist government and a spreading of the wealth! The people who earned their money should be able to keep it! Good post Angie!

  2. Obama’s socialist leanings alone ought to throw him out of the running, throw in his wife’s liberal fascism and the deal ought to be signed.

    I guess you can thank the decades of indoctrination and bias in the media for the ignorance of the masses. Hence there are enough Americans who have never experienced socialism and want to give it a try.

    Problem is that once you let socialism in, it’s next to impossible to get rid of it. By the time you figure out that bigger government has failed and decide, alright bugger this, time to turn back, there is nothing left.

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