McCain Socked It to Em at New York Dinner

Where has this John McCain been? He socked it to them with humor but it was a winner!

McCain brings down the House in New York attending the Al Smith Dinner!

Part 2

This upbeat relaxed McCain would be up in the polls . Let’s hope we see this McCain during the rest of the Campaign.

Roasted Obama and imagine Kieth Oberbite in a padded room
McCain told him where he could stick it!!!!

Obama’s numbers may crumble according to this info on polls



  1. I will have to say that John McCain was good, he was alive and bright even got a few good digs into Obama! On the other hand Obama wasn’t funny and looked as if he was out of place with this group of people! VOTE JOHN MCCAIN/SARAH PALIN INTO THE WHITE HOUSE! 🙂

  2. Sometimes i wonder if it would make any difference if McCain really opened the can on Obama, the way i see it, the masses want Obama, it’s a sort of blind faith or something.

    We seem to live in a society that’s too damn lazy to do a bit of digging, no matter how easy it is. Too many of us seem happy to be swallowing whatever crap is dished out by the MSM and can’t remember something we read/heard 2 months ago. Perhaps it’s just information overload or something.

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