Lou Dobbs Obama and Acorn Fraud in Our Face!

Read more at JUST SAY NO DEAL

Excellent link above from blog below..thank you.

Hattip pumaalliance.wordpress.com/2008/10/10…

Finally CNN is talking about it.. This blog and many others have posted about this in what seems a lifetime. The big question is “Will ‘we the people’ hear’ ? I don’t think so, most people say…’I can’t do anything about it.’ To which I reply..is that so? Why not? It ain’t over til the fat lady sings…she’s singing people..but it is still at this time your Government..your country…your elected officials…your state.. Your county..Your district. When one tries and does all they can and still nothing happens, you do not have to blame yourself.. You may very well be the voice in the wilderness.. This is far too important for democracy to go along with the crowd at the top. GET RID OF ACORN NOW! MAKE ARRESTS, THROW OUT THOSE WHO THINK THEY ARE THE GREATEST THING SINCE P-NUT BUTTER!



  1. Yeah it’s good that CNN is finally waffling off their bums and onto the one, but i have a feeling they’re doing it now knowing that it’s already too late.

    A similar thing happened during our last election, the media were barracking for the current leftist up until close to the election date, then they started asking some tough questions and now that the elections over, they’re suddenly very interested and becoming critical of him. Wouldn’t trust the weasels with the time of day Angie.

    I know for sure that they don’t have our interests at heart, i just wonder if they ever did.

  2. Yes, You are right MK. Sadly so. That is interesting that the Media operates that way. Get all over it at the end when no body is really listening. There are just a few that call it the way it really is without bias. That is rare. No, I don’t think many have our interests at heart. Everybody is listenig to WIIFM. (what’s in it for me radio station. )

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