Islamic Takeover of U.S. Already Under Way!

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Islamic takeover of U.S. already under way.

Source WND


  1. Brigitte Gabriel’s message is being ignored, and all of us are in danger of sinking into a collective state of dhimmitude.

    In many ways, the cultural jihad is the most dangerous time, much like boiling the frog.

  2. Thanks for the mention Angie – bless you hun! You are too kind.

  3. Yep. That’s what happens when religion and government are all mushed together. The majority rules. For all the folks determined for this to be a Christian nation, don’t be surprised that another religion bent on world domination is trying to usurp you. If you can legistate your moral code on everyone, why shouldn’t they be able to as well?

  4. AOW, agree very much with you.

    You are welcome, Layla.

    Duh, I wish moral code could be legislated with true Christian values. We would certainly be better off. The difference is True Christian values. Capitalism without Christian values cannot stand long as John Adams once suggested. So maybe we will soon see Islam or another religion, perhaps Godless Communism or Socialism. I once heard it said that socialism promises all a pair of shoes, they give you one and then with hope you wait for the other which never comes. LOL!

    The majority rules because we are a democracy for now. Thanks to those who have fought for us and our founding fathers along with our Ancestors.

    Don’t think you OR the majority for now would be too happy with Sharia law enforced upon you. but then I’m just sayin….I am not surprised by it. I just think many will be.

  5. I wouldn’t be happy with YOUR moral code enforced upon me, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to do it. And by continuously trying to do just that you are making ME more vulnerable to some other wacko religion that comes along and wants to take over.

    I don’t think homosexuality is a sin, and it shouldn’t be illegal, yet there were laws stating just that ( and their being overturned was vehemently opposed by the right).

    I don’t think I should have to wear a burka either.

    Why is it only one or the other with you?? Yes, if I had to choose between living in the U.S. or Iran, I’d pick the U.S. Somehow that means to you that we should just be satisfied with what we have here and not try and make it better?

  6. I am leaving in a few minutes so I don’t have long.

    I don’t believe we should ever be satisfied, we should all be trying to make things better for all. However with that said, we have a much different philosophy on how to make it better. Americans have always tried to make it better. Remember the Revolution, Civil War, child labor laws, those are just a few that history being taught for decades in our public schools have conveniently left out that Christians were at the forefront.

    I don’t see anyone forcing people to convert to Christianity. They are free for now to make choices. That is as it should be.

  7. P.S. John Adams used religion in much the same way George W. did. He used it to get elected and scare people into voting for him instead of the evil (and Godless) Thomas Jefferson.

    Oh, and also wanted to tell you that socialism does not lead to communism. The communists hate socialists almost as much as they hate capitalists, maybe more. I just finished reading your comment on Canvas Grey’s blog. I’m just saying.

    P.S.S. Canvas Grey posted an article about how each person should get $425,000 instead of AIG getting $85 billion. Unfortunately I’ve seen that e-mail forward, and the math is wrong. Under Canvas Grey’s plan, each person would get $425. I tried posting this on her site, but she/he didn’t post my comment. And it wasn’t even rude. I know the right doesn’t like science, but I didn’t know there is a war against math as well!

  8. But would you have homosexuality against the law as it was for many years? That’s putting your moral code on other people.

    How can you make things better if you don’t acknowledge there’s anything wrong?? You just said the U.S. didn’t treat people like crap…why did we stop segregation if people were so happy with it??

  9. FYI, Canvas posted my comments after I mentioned them here. So thanks for having an open forum, Angie. It spreads knowledge. It really does.

  10. While I have not been around lately, and have scheduled posts, I wanted to address this when I checked in today.

    Duh, I have told you a hundred times how I feel about everything you have asked..Not going there again. I have had quite enough. You are quite entitled to your ‘flawed opinions’ in my view as I am quite sure your view is that mine are flawed. So what? I stand by them and that is enough said.

    Canvas Gray has one of the best blogs around and while I have not been able to get around to others blogs as often as I would like so I don’t know which article you are referring to but I will say this. I would take her at her word as much or more than many I know personally. We all mess up, we honestly make typo’s. I know that is hard for you to believe. I also know that you are very argumentative and try to show how intelligent you are. That’s a shame as I believe you are very intelligent. I am not here to opinion is in the post. I do not have time to waste in discussing trivia. You may comment all you want as long as it is on the subject and you are not being disrespectful of others comments. Disagreement is one thing. Lack of respect is not.

    . As far as her deleting your comment..did you ever happen to think that it might have been wordpress or computer failure? Perhaps it went to spam. I do not believe CC came over here, saw your comment and ran back and added it.

    Please do not disrepect a commenter or another’s blog here by inference or opinion.

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