Obama on Born Alive Infant Protection Act ‘In His Own Words’


Barack Obama caught on Tape Born Alive Infant Protection Act


Heil Hitler-Heil Obama


For the record, while most of the world was silent during this horrific time in history..there were many Christians who lost their lives trying to help the Jews and more who spent time suffering along with the Jews in the German camps.  The point of this video is to show that we must wake up and smell the coffee. We must not be silent.  

The Obama campaign tried to silence those in Missouri with intimidation from Prosecutors and the law..You can find that on anothet post. Because of the outrage among Americans from New York to California..they had to take back water. We must not be silent. See in an earlier post the voter fraud that was going on back in the Primaries with Hillary.. They will stop at nothing. It may be too late..but then again, maybe not if people go beyond the MSM (main stream media)

3 broad categories of Obama’s support

Glenn Beck on Obamanomics

This last video was before our 700 Billion dollar bailout,  excuse me, rescue plan with 110 billion dollars of pork added.

From a commenter :Now obama wants to spend trillion dollars of our money to spend on lowering global poverty by 2015. Why is money going overseas when we have issues at home?

Could it be possible that he is/will change his mind on this like he has so many other issues? My view is that Whatever he needs to say, he will say..it just depends who he is talking to. He has flipflopped on other issues..Who knows? And that my friend is the problem. Frankly, I am a bit distrustful of which Obama may stand up one day. Got a feeling it won’t be a good thing Martha.

Welcome to  New Amerika


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  1. That Abandonment of abortion survivors is the worst. Only a leftist could think that trying to save a baby that survived abortion could be a burden.

    Perhaps one day they might find themselves in the situation where their lives hang in the balance and someone tells them, too much trouble, you’re too old, got nothing left to give, gotta game to watch, hope it’s quick and painless….

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