Children Singing for Obama Change? To What? Worship as in Nazi Germany?



Revelation 22:13 (KJV)
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

It is a reference to God.

YouTuber Homonoid writes this video was shot at the Urban Community Leadership Academy, 1524 Paseo Blvd., 18th & Vine District, Kansas City, Missouri:

By now, it is probably old news about the children. The first time I saw felt wierd..seemed strange, something was not right..To say it made me uncomfortable is not enough. My thoughts were immediately taken back to the the past of Hitler, and every other country that had dictator worship.  Please view these videos children in Nazi Germany, North Korea, Russia, and if the links are taken down there is a link at the bottom that should have them. Have we come to this? Perhaps you will say as many did I am sure in Nazi Germany that some of us are paranoid. Go a sheep.

 I will not be silent.


Now go as fast as you can to  NoQuarterusa   and see their excellent take on this in link below:

 Obama Jugend singt für Änderung

The following comment accompanied the YouTube links:

Please notice the person leading the children….This is what is done in Communist Countries to children….In Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc. If this doesn’t make you vote for McCain/Palin Then good luck….

North Korea worship


an audio only version courtesy of Glenn Beck,  as “O’ Hail the Messiah Lord Obama” by AmericaAgainstObama.


Lenin worship


InsightAnalytical-GRL says this is Obama’s Very Own Cultural Revolution.


If the link to this YouTube video goes down, here’s the link to, which has the embedded non-YouTube link.



  1. I think some one has put koolaid into our water supply.

    I am so very disappointed in what is going on and ask myself, “What can I do to stop it?”

  2. Yeah, i heard about this elsewhere, as i said there – The left know very well that the nations children are the future and if they can get to them and indoctrinate them with their socialist bs, they’ll have won the culture wars that are yet to be waged in the future.

    It’s why they’re desperate to drive out patriotism and Christianity out of schools and replace it with moral equivalency and sex education, which is bordering on grooming.

  3. How can anyone vote for a man like Obama? People are sick!
    IAngie, I came up with a document to PM Brown and its very interesting! It sure does not paint a good picture of Obama, but its inside another page and you have to go to the first news page and where it says “my news story here” is where the document is hid! 🙂
    Check it out please!

  4. I wrote about this yesterday at my blog. It is disgusting and reminds me of WW11 propaganda. Good write up hun! 🙂

  5. Hey Ange,
    Saying this is creepy doesn’t begin to describe. On the one hand it had me laughing because it was so cheesy and pandering but then I thought, could people possibly buy this? Can you imagine if they’d done one for McCain or Reagan or any conservative candidate? The press would have a filed day. Hopefully this is one more thing that will send NoBama down the drain. Yikes.

  6. Was this done in the classroom or on private property. To me it doesn’t matter. A pretty female teacher would be disciplined for having a photo in a bikini published. This is not the only instance where credit is being given for stumping for Obama. This was over the roof and should have a consequence to the “teacher”. If it was a group of students, the teacher had to instigate this at the school, probably in the classroom.

  7. Canvas, There is a lot of Kool-Aid going around in our country.It is so disheartening. People are just buying the MSM. The only thing we can do is tell others what is going on if they will listen AND perhaps the most important thing is for Christians to pray 2nd Chronicles.7:14. Especially the healing the land part.

    MK, the radical left hates anything to do with faith for sure. Bill Maher has a movie this weekend making fun of all religion. We have let Secular Humanism dumb down our children, distort history, patriotism is politically incorrect and faith? In their view, only gun clinging ignorant bible thumping white trash have faith. So this is what we have come to.

    I checked that out, Good Time. Thank you. I may post on it one day. It is very interesting.

    It reminds me of that too Layla. Sad thing to see. Thanks

    I don’t think this will bring him down. It is creepy. You are exactly correct in your assesment that if it were a repub or conservative…the MSM would have destroyed them.

    boudicabpi, don’t think for a minute that some dumbwit or propagandist in the BO camp was not behind this..they pump ideas into them. They send emails all the time asking for help with this or that..not just money..your home to use etc: Yes, the teacher did just that.

    Thanks all for your comments..much appreciated. Will try ot come over as soon as I can. Chasing all this stuff down is tiring after awhile. LOL!

  8. Brainwashing the children!

    Obama is dangerous beyond words.

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