I’ve Got A Bracelet Too! Uh, Uh, Wait a minute, gotta read the name!

Too bad you could not remember the name! Must have been important to you, eh?

Did you happen to catch the great one acting like a child when he said, “I’ve got a bracelet too”in the debate with John McCain. McCain was sharing a touching story of a bracelet he wore to honor a soldier?

It reminded me of a child…ME TOO, ME TOO! the more I see this man that wants to lead us, the more I believe he is narcissistic . Did you notice how he could not remember the name on the bracelet he was wearing and had to look down and read it? I believe he was trying to convince us he cares. He would not want us to believe that those like code pink etc: support him. He wants us to think he is capable of being the Commander in Chief.

He dishonored those that the bracelets stand for and those who love them. Perhaps Nobama would do well to wear one of those t-shirts that say ‘ITS ALL ABOUT ME’!

Check the video link below and see the so called great orator in the clip with McCain.


Now I know George Clooney has given him acting tips..but I think he needs more than an acting coach..

I also know that the MSM loves him, why Chris Matthews got tingles down his leg just talking to him, all the networks adore him, yes it must be hard for the Media to do their job..baaawaaahh..when someone has that kind of charm, charisma and causes women to faint..oh my, what a celebrity NObama is to them. Just proves you can’t really trust the MSM. If all we know about any candidate is what we get from the tube and the ads..we are not informed. As a matter of fact, I think the picture above with the soldier’s mouth taped is a perfect representation of the Media in regard to anything negative about NObama. Check this out:

The Media Research Center gives us the facts.


Barack Obama had a crucial advantage over his rivals this year: the support of the national media, especially the three broadcast networks. At every step of his national political career, network reporters showered the Illinois Senator with glowing media coverage, building him up as a political celebrity and exhibiting little interest in investigating his past associations or exploring the controversies that could have threatened his campaign.

Be sure you read the 2 NEW posts below on the Real Man and his mentors..and when you are through be sure to take the

Barack Obama Test website

to see how he stacks up on the Real issues with what is important to you.

Then, if missed it, read on down and check out the Fraud investigation on NObama.



  1. Good post! Go read this bloggers post and it will make you mad! http://texasdarlin.wordpress.com/2008/09/25/breaking-obama-admits-dual-citizenship/
    And then read my last two post where Obama lied during the debate! 🙂

  2. Check you spam! And for the rest of the viewers check out my post about Obama lying during the debate! He can not talk without lying! What it with this guy!

  3. Thanks GTP. I am familiar with this from factchecks. I really recommend all of the readers to go to the link you left. I thought it was funny when she said “did they think they were helping”? This has been very controversial for a long time. Who really knows? I love her post on it but the MSM has been so blinded and the days of true investigation to follow are over unless they are out to get you. Media check link above shows the partiality of the Media toward NObama. That is a real fact checker,

    I will be right over and read your excellent posts.

  4. Great write up Angie! And btw – he not only did not mention the fallen soldiers name, he did not mention the mother/father[s] name. For all we know Angie he made the whole thing up and we DO KNOW what a liar Obama truly is. He is pathetic and a disgrace to our nation and our beloved troops. Shame on him BIG TIME!

  5. Liz, given his record of lies and campaign tactics…I thought he or one of his campaign strategists suggested he wear a bracelet and bring it up to appease our Military. He is too self centered to wear one because he cares. Yes, Shame on him!

    I thought I disliked him last year, thought it was due to his voting record and values so opposed to mine. Now the more I learn about him, I am telling you, he makes me sick to my stomach to hear his voice on TV or to see him..People are deaf, blind and gullible. Sad fact, I regret to say. If and most likely he will be elected unless something unforeseen happens They will get the Government they deserve. A hand out Socialist country at best.. Losing 1st and 2nd amendment or all our liberties at the other end of the spectrum.

  6. Says all you need to know about the man doesn’t it.

  7. Angie the family has asked Obama not to wear that bracelet anymore cause he’s using it for political purposes! Here is the URL to a blog that talks about this! 🙂

  8. Check spam for bracelet information angie! 🙂

  9. I saw that this morning, GoodTime. I will check the link, you are an awesome investigator. Thanks.

    Mk it certainly does say quite a bit..like he will use anybody, anything to win. He is a narcissistic person that has the con down well. I just hate it that so many cannot see.

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