Update on ‘Grassroots Smear’ Campaign

The Original Astroturfing: Change we can Fake


Thanks to Brian.


I wanted to follow this story and where do you go to follow something that could be sizzling with slander lies and corruption other than to the one that did the tough work of true journalism, investigating. So I offer you Dr. Rusty Shackleford from JawaReport. Thank you so much for digging for the truth!

Of course, the naysayers are out..Obama’s campaign denies it..Michelle Malkin was on FoxNews this morning and of course, all the reporters do today is call a campaign and ask if they had anything to do with it..no real investigation. Too much work, I suppose. Then we have as you will see, when you follow the links below..there are now 2 video’s. HARDEEHARR! Thank you Rusty for keeping the original that was emailed and blogged all over the web. Now of course, Fox had the one that said ‘member’ but go on, read the rest of the story. If you need to catch up from the beginning..The links are here.

Circle the Wagons!

Too bad that lunatic Olberman is muzzled. I’d love to hear some ranting from him. In the meantime, this is pretty funny: JayTea at Wizbang fisks a Media Matters report called “The Jawa Report Shoots and Misses” (“Just another day at the office for the can’t-shoot-straight gang on the far side of the blogosphere.”). bwahahaha. JayTea makes oh, a few good points, take a look.

A few more good points can be found at The Examiner. Its a complete analysis, and this is from the conclusion:

If like me, you suspect that this video was an Axelrod production, it leaves you with two reasonable theories. First, the ad was possibly produced by Axelrod before The New York Times retracted the claim carried in the video. Then Axelrod shelved it. At that point, Winner probably had the ad from Axelrod and was either told to sit on it and he disobeyed or told to release it as a viral video.Take note of the Obama spokespeson’s denial. He said we had nothing to do with this “YouTube video”. Let’s parse that statement. By characterzing the video as a “YouTube video” he can disassociate the general act of making the video from the act of uploading it to YouTube. In fact, this does not expliciately deny that Axelrod’s company or another contractor produced the video for the Obama campaign. Too fine a point? Does what the meaning of “is” is ring any bells? (emphasis added-j)

Or, perhaps, as Ethan Winner claims, he was completely responsible from top to bottom for the ad. Of course, a sleazy ad like this would harm any professional PR firm’s reputation. What would his motivation be to damage his own reputation?

That’s a good question, especially when there is no disputing the claim that the lovely Sarah was not a member of AIP. Ethan admitted he knew the smear was already de-bunked in the comments at the Youtube vid he posted spreading the smear. And we could see that if he didn’t yank the vid and close his account within minutes of Jawa’s post.



Since we just got a mention on Fox News, I guess I’ll come out of my hole and direct new readers to the report we did on how employees of a mega-PR firm are behind the smear and how there may be a connection to the Obama campaign.

Click here for the original report —> Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated “Grassroots” Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them

Ethan Winner Responds: Claims He Produced Video
Obama Denies Behind Anti-Palin Video; Bloggers Solely Behind Accusations
Winner Worked with Axelrod in Past
How Much Money did Axelrod’s PR Firm Get from Obama
How they Astroturfed Hillary Remembered
Second Winner Produced Palin Smear Video Appears

Let’s keep the heat on the Media. It is time for them to step up.

Time for me to perhaps get on with the State of the Union..ain’t looking too good folks, but then I am an optimist..truly. I believe in the American people to get through it and come out fine. It just ticks me off that I did not buy a house I could not afford..On second thought, I should have bought a cool Yacht! Want to buy some swampland in Florida?



  1. […] Update on 鈥楪rassroots Smear鈥?Campaign 1 hour ago […]

  2. It’s shameful what the empty suit is allowed to get away with so much. I was just thinking today of the arrogance and hubris of the fellow who said, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” and those who agreed with him. I hope the few media outlets interested in the truth keep at it.

  3. I’ll believe the Jawa Report and Rusty Shackleford any time. If they put something out you can bet it’s accurate.

  4. I agree with Debbie. But the media is skewed and I would like to know at the end of the day who really is telling the truth.

  5. MK, it is more than shemeful. Its a disgrace! your comment :I was just thinking today of the arrogance and hubris of the fellow who said, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” and those who agreed with him. Right on!

    Me too, antiterror. Rusty Shackleford does excellent work.

    Again Liz me too! We would all like to know who is telling the trutn, The Media today is not the Media of yesterday.

    Thanks to all of you

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